måndag 30 mars 2009

The magic

-In this not-knowing arises the magic. The wonder that anything exists at all.

-When reading spiritual teachings, very often there is the assumption that the goal, the "goods", the juice, the final destination is somewhere far, far away in the future. Maybe that idea is the real postponment what is possible, right here, right now.
-The true you is hidden behind the scene.


4 kommentarer:

peter sa...

Hi Roshi,
I agree. I think that St.Francis of Assisi has the same wisdom when he said:
"what we are looking for is what is looking"


Psiplex sa...

All being done by Grace.

Eric Putkonen sa...

Yes...the "goods", the juice, the final destination is here and now. It is nowhere or nowhen else.

Roshi sa...

Thank you all folks for the lovely comments. Peter, I will save that quote from Francis, that quote contains power. Someone who reads that is one millimeter from the awakening.