fredag 26 juni 2009

Works of Steven Harrison

-Love is not causal. It cannot be created, it cannot be practiced, it cannot be taught.

-Having seen the nature of our thought and ego, we may pass through this gateway into silence.

-Though the psychological self, the ego-center has gone silent, there is nothing lost. Out of this vast expansion of quiet, the energy of life expresses.

- The nature of emptiness is that it defies definition. It's the absence of, it's not the presence of. So if it's the absence of everything, it's also the absence of definition.

-'We live in the unknown as the unknown'That means that you know nothing and everything is new. Everything is created in this moment.

-There is no such thing as seeker, there is just someone who is fearful, who wants power, who wants control, who believes that through some knowledge it can find some place in the universe.

-We are not autonomous.

-If there is no time, then everything is everything.

-I think the attraction of non-duality is a sort of intellectual clarity. But that isn't it, it is a trap. Because it stops there, in that intellectual clarity which is just a clarified mind. There is this movement of energy that is so clear and has more to do with a feeling quality. You can't get to it by thinking. You come there by the total experience of life.

Steven Harrison


I am having a vacation, see you later alig.....



måndag 22 juni 2009

The appearance of "me"

The so called "me" appears in the interaction between the play of our subjective and objective inner world. Why I say the "inner world" is because there is no "outer" or "inner" world in reality. The "in" and the "out" is an idea created by the "me" which is an appearance between the play of the subject and the object. The truth is that reality, existence, the universe has never been divided or split, separated. That it is separate, divided, split in the subject and the object, a separate, subjective person experiencing and acting in a objective, material world is what we call a illusion and a really, really convincing one.

In reality there is only experiencing, seeing, hearing, walking, sensing, feeling, thinking, talking by no-one. The object appears in the subject, the things appears in the space. The hypnotizing effect the objects have on the perceiver, make the subjective perceiver forget the subjective part of the world. The experiencing of the objects creates the "me", the perceiver. The sense that the experience is also a object. A object looking and experiencing objects ???, that’s the feeling, isn't it?

The truth that the "me" and the "perceiver" is pure subject, aware space is hard to take, to recognize, to notice. The idea the "me-thought" have that the "me" is an object is very convincing. But in reality, even when you see for yourself that the "me" is just a idea, the experience of "you" doesn't disappear. Instead of living in a idea of what you are you begin to live a life in what you are in reality. You are not an object, and you are not the subject. You are both. Everything that happens is you, and you are everything that happens. You are life and life is you. What is, is anyway.


torsdag 18 juni 2009

Florian Thathagata Schlosser

Our journey is a tremendious disappointment. We got to be abel to welcome any kind of disappointment. To drop the disappointments in the arms of the Lord. That NOTHING was it. That we are here only with empty hands. We come naked and leave naked. If we are lucky, we leave naked. Then something have been understood.

Florian Thathagata Schlosser

tisdag 16 juni 2009

Jan Kersschot

Quote by Jan, here it is...

If you're looking to find the key to Oneness,
there is some bad news and some good news.
The bad news is:
there is no key to Oneness.
The good news is:
the door has been left unlocked.

Jan Kersschot

måndag 15 juni 2009

The simplicity of it all

-The clearer things are and the more simple they have become, the more difficult they are to explain.

- It's too simple to explain. It cannot be delivered, beacause it's all there is.

-Anything said creates the other.


fredag 12 juni 2009

Adyashanti and more quotes

-There is zero degree of complexity to "this", to way simple to the mind. There is no way for the mind to handle it.

-'This' doesn't leave any room for me to be or not to be anything(?)

-Ticket to nowhere. You have the ticket already and you are the ticket. And you are the nobody who is going nowhere.

-The need to be free from 'to bee', even free from the need to be free. UG Krishnamurti

-You have already a direct experience of "it" beacause you are "it" in this very moment, you have never been out of "it"

-The thoughts is like the wether, they come and go, mental wether. You have nothing to do with it.


And at last a clip from the tube from one of the clearest pointers, Adyashanti himself. This words is power, I love it, here we go....

onsdag 10 juni 2009

Peter Franciz Dzubian

Here is some quotes from Peter Franciz Dzubian, he talks about consciousness....

-How simple is it for the awareness to be aware, right now? That's it! Just there. Nothing else.

-You can never leave the "is" or "what is", if that happens it happens in thought or thinking but it never in reality can happen and the contrary that "what is" never leaves you, impossible.

-There is no material world in consciousness(?), there is only appearenses, bodily sensations.

-Where is the location of the "me"? Find it out.

-This "is" what "is" is absence of time.

-Only what "is" can be and that is not that you can think about. Thought is a process that needs time. Only the timless can be.

-Time doesn't appear in "is". Thinking creates time. Wether there is thinking and time the "is" is always untouched.

-There is zero degree of complexity to "this", to way simple to the mind. There is no way for the mind to handle it.

-This doesn't leave any room for me to be or not to be anything(?)

-Never beforeness of right "now"!(??)

-Ticket to nowhere. You have the ticket already and you are the ticket. And you are the nobody who is going nowhere.

Peter Franciz Dzubian

On this site there is a Web Cast with Richard Miller and Peter, interesting, I recommend...

If God is inside you, how far from God are you?


lördag 6 juni 2009

Roshiquotes 6

-The truth is right under the nose and even closer than that. But the mind got to check this out before it becomes aware of it owns limits and what the mind is ment for, its purpose in the universe.

-If you try to understand it through thought you are going to be frustrated, it is impossible.

-It is about continuously losing, never landing, forever falling, never finding, there is nothing to
holding on to.The Universe doesn't have a foundation.

-The "me" cannot give it up itself, it doesn't know how to 'do'. That's the last thing to happen. That's it.

-You cannot with thought recognize who you are.

-Thought limits everything, makes everything to an object, even the impossible. Right now, just this, what is here, rigth now, anything more is just a complication.

-A weird question but but has something to say about the topic; "Is it gone at the same time it appeared?"

-If it cannot be understood, why talk about it? It doesn't make sence. In this trying the thinking comes to a point where the "giving up" happens. Dead end.

-Turn the whole thing completely around. It is not inside thought, and yet we try. The thought happens inside awareness and is always untouched by it.


onsdag 3 juni 2009

Roshiquotes 5

-To rest in this not-knowing is the gate into the open beingness, the never changing nothingness.

-That wich stands on your way to your freedom is the thought that you are bound.