måndag 3 september 2012

Think of everything you know and take as reality to be a balloon you look from the inside, and suddenly you realize that you are outside looking at the same balloon. IT is the SAME balloon seen from another perspektive. Seen from the inside the world seems to bee big big big , the experiencer looking at the balloon. After the shift, the experiencing looking at the small balloon from the outside.

All ideas, all that ever can be known belongs to the balloon and the stories never, never touched the seer or the looker. From the inside ( the identified character, the "me") everything is a problem. From the other perspective it is seen who the problemmaker is( it has always been empty, hollow. He was never there). The balloon is empty from inside and it is empty outside. There is a Reality ( balloon ) but for no-one special.

"We" are "nothing" looking and experiencing everything.