tisdag 29 april 2008

U G Krishnamurti del 2

I have no teaching. There is nothing to preserve. Teaching implies something that can be used to bring about change. Sorry, there is no teaching here, just disjointed, disconnected sentences.

What is there is only your interpretation, nothing else. For this reason there is not now nor will there ever be any kind of copyright for whatever I am saying. I have no claims.There is no teaching of mine, and never shall be one. "Teaching" is not the word for it. A teaching implies a method or a system, a technique or a new way of thinking to be applied in order to bring about a transformation in your way of life.

What I am saying is outside the field of teachability; it is simply a description of the way I am functioning. It is just a description of the natural state of man -- this is the way you, stripped of the machinations of thought, are also functioning.My teaching, if that is the word you want to use, has no copyright. You are free to reproduce, distribute, interpret, misinterpret, distort, garble, do what you like, even claim authorship, without my consent or the permission of anybody.

My interest is to point out to you that you can walk, and please throw away all those crutches. If you are really handicapped, I wouldn't advise you to do any such thing. But you are made to feel by other people that you are handicapped so that they could sell you those crutches.

Throw them away and you can walk. That's all that I can say. 'If I fall....' - that is your fear. Put the crutches away, and you are not going to fall.

People call me an 'enlightened man' -- I detest that term -- they can't find any other word to describe the way I am functioning. At the same time, I point out that there is no such thing as enlightenment at all. I say that because all my life I've searched and wanted to be an enlightened man, and I discovered that there is no such thing as enlightenment at all, and so the question whether a particular person is enlightened or not doesn't arise.

I don't give a hoot for a sixth-century-BC Buddha, let alone all the other claimants we have in our midst. They are a bunch of exploiters, thriving on the gullibility of the people.

There is no power outside of man. Man has created God out of fear. So the problem is fear and not God.

The natural state is not the state of a self-realized God-realized man, it is not a thing to be achieved or attained, it is not a thing to be willed into existence; it is there -- it is the living state.

This state is just the functional activity of life.

By 'life' I do not mean something abstract; it is the life of the senses, functioning naturally without the interference of thought.

Thought is an interloper, which thrusts itself into the affairs of the senses. It has a profit motive: thought directs the activity of the senses to get something out of them, and uses them to give continuity to itself.

God is the ultimate pleasure, uninterrupted happiness. No such thing exists. Your wanting something that does not exist is the root of your problem. Transformation, moksha, liberation, and all that stuff are just variations on the same theme: permanent happiness.

All your experiences, all your meditations, all your prayer, all that you do, is self-centred. It is strengthening the self, adding momentum, gathering momentum, so it is taking you in the opposite direction. Whatever you do to be free from the self also is a self-centred activity.There is nothing there, only your relative, experiential data, your truth.

There is no such thing as objective truth at all. There is nothing which exists outside or independent of our minds.

Mind or thought is not yours or mine. It is our common inheritance. There is no such thing as your mind and my mind (it is in that sense mind is a myth). There is only mind, the totality of all that has been known, felt and experienced by man, handed down from generation to generation. We are all thinking and functioning in that thought sphere just as we all share the same atmosphere for breathing.

You have been told that you should practice desirelessness. You have practiced desirelessness for thirty or forty years, but still desires are there. So something must be wrong somewhere. Nothing can be wrong with desire; something must be wrong with the one who has told you to practice desirelessness. This (desire) is a reality; that (desirelessness) is false - it is falsifying you. Desire is there. Desire as such can't be wrong, can't be false, because it is there.

The real problem is the solution. Your problems continue because of the false solutions you have invented. If the answers are not there, the questions cannot be there. They are interdependent; your problems and solutions go together. Because you want to use certain answers to end your problems, those problems continue. The numerous solutions offered by all these holy people, the psychologists, the politicians, are not really solutions at all. That is obvious. They can only exhort you to try harder, practice more meditations, cultivate humility, stand on your head, and more and more of the same. That is all they can do.
If you brushed aside your hope, fear, and naiveté‚ and treated these fellows like businessmen, you would see that they do not deliver the goods, and never will. But you go on and on buying these bogus wares offered up by the experts.

I can never sit on a platform and talk. It is too artificial. It is a waste of time to sit and discuss things in hypothetical or abstract terms. An angry man does not sit and talk and converse pleasantly about anger; he is too angry. So don't tell me that you are in crisis, that you are angry. Why talk of anger? You live and die in the hope that someday, somehow, you will no longer be angry. You are burdened with hope, and if this life seems hopeless, you invent the next life. There are no lives to come.

My interest is not to knock off what others have said (that is too easy) but to knock off what I am saying. More precisely, I am trying to stop what you are making out of what I am saying.

This is why my talking sounds contradictory to others. I am forced by the nature of your listening to always negate the first statement with another statement. Then the second statement is negated by a third and so on. My aim is not some comfy dialectical thesis but the total negation of everything that can be expressed.

I have no message for mankind.

Each individual by virtue of his genetic structure is unparalleled, unprecedented and unrepeatable.

You are always suffering because you want to be other than what you are.

To be yourself requires extraordinary intelligence. You are blessed with that intelligence; nobody need give it to you; nobody can take it away from you. He who lets that express itself in its own way is a 'Natural Man'.

It is an act of futility to relate my description to the way you are functioning. When you stop all this comparison, what is there is your Natural State. Then you will not listen to anybody.

That beaten track will lead you nowhere. There is no oasis situated yonder; you are stuck with the mirage.

The Natural State is a state of great sensitivity - but this is a physical sensivity of the senses, not some kind of emotional compassion or tenderness for others. There is compassion only in the sense that there are no 'others' for me, and so there is no separation.What is here, this Natural State, is a living thing. It cannot be captured by me, let alone by you. It's like a flower. You can't preserve its perfume; whatever you preserve of this is only a synthetic, a chemical perfume, not the living thing;This [Natural State] is a state in which questioning has stopped. It has stopped because those questions have no relation to the way the organism is functioning, and the way the organism is functioning leaves no room for questions.

The world's problems are nothing but extensions of our personal problems.The so-called self-realisation is the discovery for yourself and by yourself that there is no self to discover. That will be a very shocking thing because it's going to blast every nerve, every cell, even the cells in the marrow of your bones.

The body is not interested in anything you are interested in. And that is the battle that is going on all the time.This body doesn't want to learn anything. Left to itself it has tremendous intelligence.

The human thinking is born out of some sort of neurological defect in the human body. Therefore anything that is born out of human thinking is destructive.

Order and disorder occur simultaneously in nature.In nature there is no death or destruction at all. What occurs is the reshuffling of atoms. If there is a need or necessity to maintain the balance of 'energy' in this universe, death occurs.

Consciousness is so pure that whatever you are doing in the direction of purifying that consciousness is adding impurity to it.All that is necessary for the survival of this living organism is already there.

The tremendous intelligence of the body is no match for all that we have gathered and acquired through our intellect.Whenever such a thing [enlightenment] happened, it happened to those people who had given up completely and totally all their search. That is an absolute requisite for that kind of a thing.

Life has to be described in pure and simple physical and physiological terms. It must be demystified and depsychologised.Thought can never capture the moment of life, it is much too slow. It is like lightning and thunder. They occur simultaneously, but sound, travelling slower than light, reaches you later, creating the illusion of two separate events.

All the accumulated knowledge, experience, and suffering of mankind is inside you. You must build a huge bonfire within you. The you will become an individual. There is no other way.You know the story of Alice in Wonderland. The red queen has to run faster and faster to keep still where she is. That is exactly what you are doing. Running faster and faster. But you are not moving anywhere.

Nature is interested in only two things - to survive and to reproduce one like itself. Anything you superimpose on that, all the cultural input, is responsible for the boredom of man.

The fundamental attributes of life are survival and reproduction.

Nature is busy creating absolutely unique individuals, whereas culture has invented a single mould to which all must conform. It is grotesque.Society, which has created all these sociopaths, has invented morality to protect itself from them.

Society has created the 'saints' and 'sinners'. I don't accept them as such.

You just don't have the courage to be yourself. That means you have to be alone in this world - one without a second.If anyone thinks he can help you, he will inevitably mislead you, and the less phoney he is, the more powerful he is; the more enlightened he is, the more misery and mischief he will create for you.

My mission, if there is any, should be, from now on, to debunk every statement I have made.

If you take seriously and try to use or apply what I have said, you will be in danger.Spirituality is the invention of the mind, and the mind is a myth.

It is a little easier to talk to those who have attempted thought-control - who have done some sadhana - because they experience the futility of it and can see where they are hung up.

A messiah is the one who leaves a mess behind him in this world.

Religions have promised roses but you end up with only thorns.

Going to the pub or the temple is exactly the same; it is quick fix.

The body has no independent existence. You are a squatter there.

God and sex go together. If God goes sex goes, too.

All experiences however extraordinary they may be are in the area of sensuality.

Man cannot be anything other than what he is. Whatever he is, he will create a society that mirrors him.

Love and hate are not opposite ends of the same spectrum; they are one and the same thing. They are much closer than kissing cousins.

Gurus play a social role, so do prostitutes.

By using the models of Jesus, Buddha, or Krishna we have destroyed the possibility of nature throwing up unique individuals.

It would be more interesting to learn from children, than try to teach them how to behave, how to live and how to function.

All I can guarantee you is that as long as you are searching for happiness, you will remain unhappy.

You eat not food but ideas.
What you wear are not clothes, but labels and names.

The plain fact is that if you don't have a problem, you create one.

If you don't have a problem you don't feel that you are living.

That messy thing called 'mind' has created many destructive things. By far the most destructive of them all is God.Atmospheric pollution is most harmless when compared to the spiritual and religious pollution that have plagued the world.

Nature is busy creating absolutely unique individuals, where as culture has invented a single mold to which all must conform. It is grotesque.

"All I am saying is that the peace you are seeking is already inside you. Anything you do to free yourself from anything for whatever reason is destroying the sensitivity, clarity, and freedom that is already there."There is one thought. Everything exists in relationship to that one thought. That thought is 'me'. Anything you experience based on thought is an illusion."

"You never question the solutions. If you really question the solutions you will have to question the ones who have offered you those solutions. But sentimentality stands in the way of your rejecting not only the solutions, but those who have offered you the solutions. Questioning that requires a tremendous courage on your part. You can have the courage to climb the mountain, swim the lakes, go on a raft to the other side of the Atlantic or Pacific. That any fool can do, but the courage to be on your own, to stand on your two solid feet, is something which cannot be given by somebody. You cannot free yourself of that burden by trying to develop that courage. If you are freed from the entire burden of the entire past of mankind, then what is left there is the courage."

"There is nothing to understand. How that understanding dawned on me, I really don't know. The understanding that this instrument (the intellect) is really not the instrument to understand anything is something that cannot be communicated. This instrument is only interested in perpetuating itself through what it calls 'understanding', which in reality are its own machinations. It is only sharpening itself to maintain its own continuity. When once you know that it is the instrument and that there is no other instrument, then there is nothing more to understand."

"We don't want to be free from fear. All that we want to do is to play games with it and talk about freeing ourselves from fear... If you have the courage to touch life for the first time, you will never know what hit you. Everything man has thought, felt and experienced is gone, and nothing is put in its place... When the movement in the direction of becoming something other than what you are isn't there any more, you are not in conflict with yourself."

lördag 26 april 2008

Karma, reinkarnation?

Många som funderar på återfödelse, visst det kan ju verka frestande, även för mig, men...

Verkar som att karma fungerar för dem som tror på det, för de som inte tror på karma fungerar det inte alls... Karma ryms inom sinnet, fenomenvärlden då den är tidsbunden. Du hade en personlig historia innan du trodde på karma, istället blir den personliga historian i det här fallet oändligt stor om man tänker på tidigare liv...

Nuet innan eftertanken, har ingen tid, eller karma, där finns ingen speciell person eller jag som något händer för. OM existensen är en fristående händelse utan orsak och verkan (som måste ha ett sinne för att det ska bli meningsfullt) så är bara NUET som har alltid och kommer för alltid att finnas. Gårdagen och framtiden tänks fram i nuet, karman händer i nuet.

Vad är det som reinkarneras?...vad?

torsdag 24 april 2008

Fundamentala konflikten

En fundamental konflikt i det andliga sökandet är att egot önskar andlig upplysning, men egot kan aldrig uppnå eller erhålla detta. Självet kan inte uppnå icke-själv. Det är därför de som vill sälja andlig upplysning måste reducera det till hanterbara propositioner något som egot kan uppnå.

En Light-version av andlig upplysning och en förpackning och layout som säljer.

Den fundamentala konflikten kan endast lösas med denna ekvation. Ja, det är att luras, men de flesta verkar vara nöjda med det. Andlig upplysning formas till något som är möjligt för egot, och nu fungerar ekvation tillfredsställande för alla. Nu finns det något att lära ut.

Egot kan nu fortsätta sitt ädla sökande och en driven andlig industri månglar ut sina olika produkter på en marknad. Naturligtvis är det ingen som hittar ”den heliga Gralen”, men om du förstår den fundamentala konflikten, så inser du att i slutändan var det ingen som var intresserad av den i alla fall.

Sökandet efter ”den heliga Gralen” är om sökande, inte ”den heliga Gralen”.

Ljus och skuggor

Föreställ er en kille som sitter i en biosalong, men att han inte riktigt vet att han sitter där. Han är placerad på ett sådant sätt att det enda han kan se är en stora vita duken; inga andra säten, bara duken. Vad mer är att han är fastkedjad. Han kan inte röra sig, kan inte se sig omkring. Hans huvud och kropp hålls fast av kedjor.

Han har varit där hela sitt liv. Det är den enda verklighet han vet av, sittande där, seende på skådespelet som pågår framför hans ögon på den vita duken samt lyssnande på soundtracket. Låt oss säga att detta är det enda han vet om verkligheten.

Tänk på hur de är att gå på bio. Du gör en överenskommelse med dig själv varje gång du ser en film. Du låter det särskiljande sinnet slappna av och låter filmen komma in. Du vet att filmen inte är verklighet, men du kommer att sitta helt stilla i de närmaste två timmarna och TILLÅTA dig själv att uppleva filmen SOM OM den vore verklighet.

Du sjunker in i en historia med empatiska band till olika karaktärer och till själva filmen, och i gengäld agerar figurerna på ett sådant sätt att de är trovärdiga. Och sedan då filmen är över går du ut i det starka dagsljuset med kisande ögon för att återgå till verkligheten, du upphör med fantiserandet om att filmen är verklig.

Så vår kille sitter där, ser på filmen, fullständigt absorberad och övertygad att det här är allt som finns i livet, detta är allt. Han kan inte ifrågasätta vad han ser, han har inga referenser. Han är empatiskt bunden till karaktärerna och till det som pågår. Trots allt, VAD annat kan han veta? Bilderna på duken är verklighet och det är vad livet ÄR.

Men…..en dag, av någon outgrundlig anledning, av en händelse råkar han titta ner och får syn på att kedjorna inte är låsta. Han säger; ” vad i helv….”. Med en känsla av mäkta förvåning gör han sig fri illa kvickt. Hans bundenhet har hela tiden varit en illusion som inte blivit ifrågasatt. För första gången i sitt liv står han upp och ser sig omkring. Då han ser sig omkring, blir han medveten om en verklighet som tidigare har gått honom förbi, som han har varit helt ovetande om.

Det får honom att undra och förundras över de bilder och historier som han aldrig ifrågasatt och dessutom trott varit verkliga. Vid sin orientering av omgivningen ser han ett ljus som flimrar mot duken och som fyller den med rörliga bilder, han spårar ljuset till sin källa. I denna mörka teater, har han alltid sett på ljuset. Ljuset som reflekterar mot duken.

Men nu ser han källan till ljuset, källan till hela illusionen, till bilderna som framträder på den vita duken, källan till hela misstaget. Han har identifierat källan till verkligheten han tidigare såg, det enda ljuset på hela stället.

Vår kille har börjat befria sig själv från illusioner och börjat sin process till att vakna upp till en verkligare och större realitet.

Killen tar sina första steg i att bryta sig fri och för att upptäcka sanningen. Han ser att det som han trodde var verklighet var endast ett två dimensionellt trick av ljus och skuggor. Han drar tillbaka draperiet och avslöjar den ansvarige magikern bakom hela illusionen.

Han ler lite pillemariskt, som en som gillar rackartyg och pekar mot något snett bakom vår kille. Det ser ut som en nödutgång som sällan används. De två första bokstäverna i en skylt som hänger på sniskan lyser inte. E och X på ”EXIT”-skylten är mörka. Man kan bara läsa ”IT”….?? Det….oj!

Vår kille öppnar dörren och går ut till en verklighet som alltid väntat på honom….”IT”.

Detta är en mordenare variant på Grottanalogin av Platon.

tisdag 15 april 2008

Vägen och jag(?)

Vägen valde mig
Någonstans på vägen
Förlorade jag mig

vandraren blev
En främling
Vandringen och vägen
Är det som händer


Min vandring leder mot källan
För all poesi
Källan som ej har någon
Början eller slut


Tvivel kan också vara en väg till klarhet
Förresten – bekymmer tillhör också livet
Sorglöst, anspråkslöst, vilka ord.
I det enkla uppstår inga ord.


När vi vandrar ser vi mycket mer än när vi springer
I stillheten får vi överblicken. Då samlar vi kraft
Och ökar den inre tillväxten.
Det bästa är det godas fiende
Mitt liv är en vandring.


fredag 11 april 2008


"Du tror du är i världen, det är fel.......världen framträder i dig.
"Vad du verkligen är ÄR verklighet"


Just NU innan en tanke stiger upp till ytan, finns det ett klart vetande där.
Det enda vi behöver "göra" är att återgå till det första ögonblicket, det enda ögonblick som finns.
Detta ögonblick är full av klart vetande - det är inget som kommer utifrån sinnet. Det finns inga svar i sinnet. Du är varken i sinnet - eller i kroppen. Allt detta framträder inuti naturen av vad du är. Glöm bort de "andra" - lista ut vad du är. Sluta upp med att hitta svaren och slappna av i denna närvaro som är DU.


This un-mediated knowing - the fact of being - Knowing that you are - that you exist is IT. - Not knowing that 'I' exist as 'someone' or 'something' - just knowing. - That knowing is empty - not a void - it is the fullness of being.

Gilbert Schultz

Tidsuppfattning, vad är det? Fick en bra förklaring av en känd hjärnforskare; "Naturens sätt att hantera och dela upp så att allt inte händer samtidigt, vilket allt egentligen gör eller händer...samtidigt".


måndag 7 april 2008

Brendan Star

There's really no such thing as 'getting it' because you're already ‘IT’ that you’re trying to get. Just as you are already, you’re IT. And you are no less IT if you don’t get it. In fact you’re not getting it is IT if you’re really not getting it. And whatever you do get is IT if that’s what you get.

But if you still think that 'getting it' is better than not getting it, then you just haven’t got it yet. That getting it is somehow 'better' than not getting it is really just a story being told by people who haven’t got it yet.

There is nothing to get. Not in reality there’s not. In reality it was all just a story that there was ever anything to get or anything you haven’t already got.

So if there's anyone around here who thinks they're 'not' enlightened, then they'll have to prove it to me... AND THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE... since any 'proof' you come up with will be just another story.


“You aren’t like a bird flying onto a dead tree. You’re like a leaf that grows out of the tree. You are what the whole Universe is doing. An apple tree APPLES, and the earth just PEOPLES!”

Alan Watts

You smell the campfires of the foothills.......and notice for the first time very beautiful everything is.

Mysteriously......... The Natural World begins to show through...and you start to see your original face ........smiling back. .................and you wonder:
"Why didn't I see This before?"

The world turns inside out.....and everything is exactly the same....but nothing is.

"Reality! What a concept!"

-Robin Williams

"Robin Williams! What a concept!"


Everything happens for a reason, but no one have a clue what it is!

You try to stay in the 'NOW' but it is unbelievably fucking hard.

You fantasize about what it will be like when you get rid of your ego.

fredag 4 april 2008

Mike Smith


Sound is like a stream of Peace flowing
Taste is a rainbow just forming in the dew
Touch is the expressed experience of Love
Smell is bringing into your being a moment as All

Sight is staring at your Self in forms of stillness
Be the place where one sense ends and another begins
Be the place between seeing and hearing

Be the place between feeling and smelling
Be the place where all the senses join
This is the senseless place where all is One.

-Mike Smith

onsdag 2 april 2008

Jed McKenna

Spiritual Enlightenment The Damnedest Thing, en bok av Jed McKenna. Det är en bok för alla som är intresserade av andlighet, sökande, sanningen, varför man aldrig lyckas i sitt sökande och varför man aldrig uppnår upplysning m.m.

En som recenserar:

A masterpiece of illuminative writing, Spiritual Enlightenment is mandatory reading for anyone following a spiritual path. Part exposé and part how-to manual, this is the first book to explain why failure seems to be the rule in the search for enlightenment — and how the rule can be broken.

Och vad Jed själv säger om boken:

The truth is that enlightenment is neither remote nor unattainable. It is closer than your skin and more immediate than your next breath. If we wonder why so few seem able to find that which can never be lost, we might recall the child who was looking in the light for a coin he dropped in the dark because "the light is better over here."

Mankind has spent ages looking in the light for a coin that awaits us not in light and not in dark, but beyond all opposites. That is the message of this book: Spiritual enlightenment, pure and simple.

Det är inte ofta jag gör reklam för en bok, men den här är ett mästerverk om upplysning, om inre uppvaknande, självförverkligande.

Om ni bara har tänkt att läsa en bok i livet......läs den här.