måndag 7 april 2008


“You aren’t like a bird flying onto a dead tree. You’re like a leaf that grows out of the tree. You are what the whole Universe is doing. An apple tree APPLES, and the earth just PEOPLES!”

Alan Watts

You smell the campfires of the foothills.......and notice for the first time very beautiful everything is.

Mysteriously......... The Natural World begins to show through...and you start to see your original face ........smiling back. .................and you wonder:
"Why didn't I see This before?"

The world turns inside out.....and everything is exactly the same....but nothing is.

"Reality! What a concept!"

-Robin Williams

"Robin Williams! What a concept!"


Everything happens for a reason, but no one have a clue what it is!

You try to stay in the 'NOW' but it is unbelievably fucking hard.

You fantasize about what it will be like when you get rid of your ego.

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