onsdag 15 september 2010

This day is your whole life...

I am going to take a break or time out for a while from my blogg. From the beginning it was ment to be a diary for me but I got lot of respons to what I delivered on the blogg. It all started 2007 when I discovered Non-duality. After many years of seeking and practising there were the answers. A great "Ahaa" arisied. In a simpel maner Tony Parsons, Jeff Foster, Nathan gill, and others pointed out a possibility I never had heard before....maybe in me something were ready for the absolute reality there never was "anyone" there from the beginning, and still...the appearance of a person is there. It IS and it isn't. The living paradox in life.

The reason we miss IT is beacouse of the simplicity of it all and the intimate nature of IT. We all are "That", like the eye can not see itself. We are that seeing, hearing, smelling whatever.

When I start the blogg again, I am going to speak and write from my own window, from the appearance of "Roshi"...if... I start the blogg again. As a last gift, Jeff....latest. And links to the main teachers or what you want to call this "pointers":

Quotes of the day:

"The end of SEEKING, and the end of the SEEKER,is SEEING life as it is..."

"This day is whole your life"

Jeff Foster

This two Books can sum up all this years:

Being: The bottom line Nathan Gill 2006 (ISBN 0955176220)
Already Awake Nathan Gill 2004 (ISBN 0954779223)