måndag 30 mars 2009

The magic

-In this not-knowing arises the magic. The wonder that anything exists at all.

-When reading spiritual teachings, very often there is the assumption that the goal, the "goods", the juice, the final destination is somewhere far, far away in the future. Maybe that idea is the real postponment what is possible, right here, right now.
-The true you is hidden behind the scene.


fredag 27 mars 2009

John Wheeler

Seeking enlightenment, working on “my” beliefs, doing “my” inner work, pursuing awakening or liberation, etc., are only self-centered concepts. This is why the seeking, suffering, and doubts still go on, however many teachers you follow, events you attend, and so-called spiritual experiences you may have.

John Wheeler

John is one of the clearest pointers. Those who live in the Californian Bay area got some good pointers as:

John Wheeler
Francis Lucille
Peter Brown

When this self-centered concepts is seeing through, then it's also seen that there is nothing wrong with anything. Not even with so called teachers, seeking, seaching for enlightenment, doubting and suffering. This is done by the imagined "me", a belief.



This is something new on my blog. Videoclips where I give lectures on different topics. Fun, we will see how it goes. Here we go:

tisdag 24 mars 2009

Some words from Nukunu

-The dream character will never meet the dreamer. When the dream character wakes up the dream character disappears. Your enlightenment will never meet you. When you fall into that exalted state you are gone.

-Don't try to change yourself. Relax! When you relax the searching mind stops.

-Awakening is sudden, enlightenment is gradual. Awakening is a shift in perspective - it is not conceptual, it is existential.

-Be what is without wanting to change the situation - then you can wake up. When there is no struggle - then you can wake up.

-Love can stop the mind.

-Ask for the Truth whatever the cost.

-Being lived by the Source.

-Cultivation of enlightenment through unconditional honesty.

-You cannot rest, relax as long as you live in separation.

-Enlightenment is expressed differently in different people. Enlightenment is your natural state, it is so utterly simple.

-Insted of understanding, it's about innerstanding.

-Language is the biggest deceiver.

-Fear disappear when you are totally present (here and now).

-There are only experiences and no ownership of these experiences.

-Life is movement, everything is impermanent, passing.

-Being aware of the experiences creates a ground for watchfulness (mindfulness) and freedom.

-Don't move, let the emotions move. The past is some thoughts arising this moment, there is no other past.

Golden nuggets from Nukunu


måndag 23 mars 2009

The doorway

If you see a inside and outside (in other words the subject and the object, the "me" and the outside world), and there is the doorway. That doorway is "mind". The only thing that needs to be done is to remove the doorway. What happens after the removal of the doorway? Now, how remove a imaginary doorway? Can it be done?

No, because it's an imagination, a mirage.

But if you take a close look, make an investigation. What happens?

What happens to a mirage when it's been looked upon very closely?

Se it for your Self.


söndag 22 mars 2009

Mind as mind knows no peace, and mind at peace is no mind at all

A sage called Shri Krishna Menon (Shri Atmananda) says something thruthful about peace of the mind:

The most universal of all desires in man is unequivocally expressed in the spontaneous statement made by all alike: ‘I want peace of mind’. It means that the activity of the mind is never our ultimate goal. Examining this statement closely and impartially, we find that Peace is the real goal of man’s desire. But in his utter inability to extricate himself from the clutches of the mind, he links the mind also to that desire for absolute Peace, and claims himself to be the enjoyer. But alas, when the mind, freed from all its activities, comes into contact with the Peace it desired, it finds itself merged and lost in that peace, thus returning to its real nature.

Therefore, it is one’s own real nature that everybody seeks, knowingly or unknowingly.

Shri Atmananda

lördag 21 mars 2009

The rabbit in the hat

I just found interedting reading about to be "elightened" by Wolter Keers(1923 - †1985). Wolter Keers was one of the first to introduce Advaita Vedanta to the Netherlands. He travelled extensively in India during the 1950's, becoming a disciple of both Ramana Maharshi and Atmananda Krishna Menon.

Johan van der Kooij about Wolter Keers:

"When I wanted to begin doing yoga, I met Wolter Keers. He absolutely didn't fit the image of a yoga teacher in my eyes. He smoked and drank whatever he felt like.."

The link:


fredag 20 mars 2009


Language has an tendency to decieve us. It splits reality, oneness into two, a me that percieve objects, the me and the percieved. Language supports this false division, and creates storys beyound all imaginations. This is the play of nature. It is nothing wrong, just what it is. There is no judgement, denial, condemnation in existense. It's all in the drama, in the storyline. Life having fun with it's own creation.

Life is not an audition before God. There is nothing to prove. Here is no winner or loser. The competition belongs to Maya, the illusion, the big show, the drama of life.


onsdag 18 mars 2009

The "me"bubble

The "me” thought is an very convincing idea in the stream of thoughts. There is no reality in the idea of a "me". This message is one of the hardest to hear and take. It sounds weird heard the first time, it's a natural reaction. Said that, nothing disappeared, everything is still there. The news is that there is no-one doing it, and everything is functioning as usual. Everything exists by itself, spontaneously, without any cause or reason. It's unbelievable, amazing.

This message cannot be touched by the assumed "me", thoughts or the assumed thing we call mind. It's madness to even try to work it out by thought. This message is of no interest for the mind, meaningless, totally.

This is magic beyond all fantasy you ever imagined.


Everything exists without anyone, for no-one, without purpose to nowhere.

Everything was free from the beginning and will always be.

The thought "me" comes from nowhere and disappears into nowhere. This is the nature of existence and it's impossible for the thought to comprehend. The "me" thought is made of the same stuff as the dreams.


tisdag 17 mars 2009


-We are hooked in events.

-whoever is free from "I" and "my" attain peace.

-What happens if you don't touch the "I" or "me"? or, what's life actualy like without touching anything?


måndag 16 mars 2009

To mispercieve the whole awakening

About to mispercieve the whole awakening thing, if there is is Prakash again;

"You can wake up and mispercieve the whole awakening. You can wake up and say;"I am awake" Then what's happen? next moment I am not awake, I am cought in conditioning. The experience was there but then you personalized it. "I am a awake!, and I am going to keep it", you are cooked, you are doomed. Who is awake? Now you have a spiritual story and now I am "awake". The I destroys the deeper understanding of the experince that where there once."


söndag 15 mars 2009

There is so much beauty....

Sometimes there is clips or moments in some movies that can make openings to eternity. When I saw this movie for the first time I just couldn't believe it. It happend...everything stops, the freefall. If you are openminded, you are.....who knows, anything can happen.

The flying bag...

The film is "American Beauty"

Quote of the day; "How can we understand that we understand at all?"

lördag 14 mars 2009

The drama of life

We are born in a misunderstanding for no reason, uncaused. This "I" or "me" we carry on to whatever we do or think of. That "I" is a misunderstanding. Bringing to light that misunderstanding makes the whole difference. In awareness this misunderstanding is just a play. This misunderstanding of the "I" is the drama of life.


fredag 13 mars 2009

Spiritual experiences

In my apparent life or story if you want, all my life of so called spiritual search there has been a fear of enlightened or spiritual experiences. This is my case, this is the reasons:

- There is a hidden trap, difficult to se by the self. The question is; "who is experiencing this?"
- If there is some good experiences there then the fear to lose it appears.
- Then there is the chasing for the happening to somehow keep it there forever or something like that.
- You always want more of it, there is the desire for more of it.
- This chasing creates suffering because the lack of control of it.

The experience is not the problem, the problem is the "me" that claims the experience and trying to control it. The problem is the unnecessary suffering the "I" is creating out of it. The experience is as it is. It should stand for itself.

It seems that the "me" comes back and says; "look what I did!"When there is the idea of a doer or someone that have any control over what's happening is suffering.
What releases the suffering is the seeing through the illusory "me", "I". Until then the suffering goes on in awareness, the play goes on, until it's not.


onsdag 11 mars 2009

In seeing...

In seeing, what's is stunning is the simplicity of it and the intimate relation we have to it. In this days it is also obvious the impossibility to capture it in words, it's more natural to be silent, it's more truth, silence is more close to what's all about. Not to forget, speak, words, language, thoughts, confusion, action, practise, efforting belongs also to life, it's part of the aliveness, but...

it's all happening in the vastness, in nothingness, there is no owner of the drama, all is unfolding by itself. All of this take place in freedom, in liberation...


måndag 9 mars 2009

It's about you

You got to see this for yourself; you must do the investigation by yourself.

, because it's about you. What is going to take place and is happening to you is totally a private affair. This is nothing anybody can give you. It got to be an authentic investigation. In these matters you are on your own.

This is for you and no one else, only you know when the penny drops.


fredag 6 mars 2009

Inside the mind

Another thing that the mind is doing is that it cannot believe when someone says that what is talking about is not “It”. The mind thinks; “He is talking and using words, there Must be something In the words, otherwise why talk?” Maybe he is trying to deceive or cheat me some way, can I trust something that has no word and cannot be captured or is not even understandable? The mind says;” If there is no word for it therefore it is impossible that it exist, impossible” It seems that there is no use of arguing with the mind, there will always be a “yes, but…”, “what about….”,” What if….”. Who you really are has never been spoken, never been written or has never been in the words.

This inner talk can go on forever inside the mind. But existence is not mind; the mind works inside existence, the existence is always more than what can be inside the mind. THIS can be seen in awareness and then it is also obvious that there cannot be any language for it, it is to vast, to big, too weird, to abstract, and what is also strange is that we are not outside of it, never was. No one is.


onsdag 4 mars 2009

The thoughts

Taste the mystery of awareness right now, and see for yourself what you are.

We already, before we even had taken the great look about ourself there is the thought that it's useless, nothing to see, nothing special, it's not worth it. The thought or the mind has already desided what it is.

We are usually so lost in the content of the thought that we always miss the vast spaciousness wherethe s called thoughts appear, we never se What thought in reality Is, what it's made of, where it comes from and where it goes.


tisdag 3 mars 2009

What gives ecstacy

Remember one thing: Whatsoever you find on your own gives ecstacy. Even if God gives to you ready-made, you will not find any ecstasy in it.

Beware your own finding, what is your discovery, not someone elses discoveries, it's not yours. It's never got to have any value for you anyway. The beauty is in the finding, not in what you find and remember....

Whatsoever you find on your own gives ecstacy.

It's all about You. That's the beauty of it.


söndag 1 mars 2009

Before the seeking enters

To go out and seek the enlightenment and to try to get the awakening experience, or find liberation somewhere, is Not like go to the pub and buy a pint or go to the fridge and get a sandwich. THAT's how we are usually functioning when we trying to fill a need or satisfy a desire or solve a problem, we use the reasoning ability. Before we start the great seeking game there should be someone who could say to us "hey, wait a minute, what are you doing?...what are you trying to do?

Take a step back and look at the issue again and on what you are "thinking" to do? If there is some alertness, awareness about what is about to happen. In that seeing there can be the clarity that it's never go to work. That the journey is not necessary, it's a dead end. The battle is lost even before it started. But for oneness is even the disaster and the frustration not something bad or wrong, just what it is, as it is. Everything is welcome in this open vastness. This can be hard to hear for the mind. Nothing is denied. The seeking happens and is okay, until it's not.