måndag 9 mars 2009

It's about you

You got to see this for yourself; you must do the investigation by yourself.

, because it's about you. What is going to take place and is happening to you is totally a private affair. This is nothing anybody can give you. It got to be an authentic investigation. In these matters you are on your own.

This is for you and no one else, only you know when the penny drops.


3 kommentarer:

Eric Putkonen sa...

Right on!

Even the best of teachers, all they can do is point you enquire, investigate, and see for yourself.

Great post!

Psiplex sa...

Tell it Roshi!

Roshi sa...

Thank you for the comments!

In the deepest level we already know or we are "that", as Nathan Gill says:

You are Consciousness, oneness, all that is, the source and appearance of all. All appearances rise and fall in awareness, nothing else is ever happening. People are passing, clouds are going by, conversations are going on, thoughts appear and disappear. All unfolds presently in awareness.

Love to you all