fredag 20 mars 2009


Language has an tendency to decieve us. It splits reality, oneness into two, a me that percieve objects, the me and the percieved. Language supports this false division, and creates storys beyound all imaginations. This is the play of nature. It is nothing wrong, just what it is. There is no judgement, denial, condemnation in existense. It's all in the drama, in the storyline. Life having fun with it's own creation.

Life is not an audition before God. There is nothing to prove. Here is no winner or loser. The competition belongs to Maya, the illusion, the big show, the drama of life.


2 kommentarer:

Psiplex sa...

Sometimes this very play and the duality of our judgmental objectification can lead to pointings and discoveries - all have purpose and function in oneness.

Roshi sa...

Yes, it has.