måndag 16 mars 2009

To mispercieve the whole awakening

About to mispercieve the whole awakening thing, if there is is Prakash again;

"You can wake up and mispercieve the whole awakening. You can wake up and say;"I am awake" Then what's happen? next moment I am not awake, I am cought in conditioning. The experience was there but then you personalized it. "I am a awake!, and I am going to keep it", you are cooked, you are doomed. Who is awake? Now you have a spiritual story and now I am "awake". The I destroys the deeper understanding of the experince that where there once."


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Visa Vägen sa...

Yes, yes! "Awake" is I (as there is no other than "Awake"), but the personal "I" is not awake. A truly tough one for the mind. :-) A subtle understanding to wrestle with until the wrestler's claims of an independent existence cease...

Hopefully one can enjoy the wrestling itself!


Psiplex sa...

Thanks Roshi! I just did a review of Prakash's book ' The Little Book of Silence' and have excerpts from Prakash at the Psiplex blog:

What a great guy! Would really like t see Prakash extend his presence on the web and elsewhere.

One Love

Roshi sa...

Thank you both for your lovely comments.