söndag 28 september 2008

What solution is needed to an imaginary problem?

"This is simply what is, as it is. There is no "you" to attain or "get" this. There is only this. The "you" who seems to be separate is imaginary. What solution is needed to an imaginary problem?"

The movements of mind are like weather. No one owns the weather. It's not something to be conquered or eliminated. Simply see it for what it is: a great show, an appearance -- momentary and ephemeral, a mirage world.

Everything perceivable and conceivable is a kind of movie, like waves on the surface of the ocean. Look deeper and you discover that no-thing is happening. There is nobody to wake up. The problems are imaginary. What solution is needed to an imaginary problem?

Joan Tollifson


All of this is a cloud of illusion obscuring the truth of who and what we are." Stuart defines wisdom as seeing through this set-up. When we can be present to all that appears, then Presence is revealed, and this Presence can absorb all that is held.

Presence then fills the space surrendered by our long-held core beliefs and begins to permeate our lives. What is even more beautiful is that life begins to reflect a state of ease and well being natural to Presence alone.


"What you are afraid of happening in the future is what you are living, in the present."

"When we take our attention off the individual we experience something miraculous - our nature, our essence, and that is a state of contentment that is causeless."

"What you believe about others is what you believe about yourself."


onsdag 24 september 2008

Quotation of the day

"The visible is a shadow cast by the invisible"


Who you are and who you believe yourself to be are two different things. Who you are comes before you know yourself as this person.


We are all already awake, it is the natural state, and its nature is known when one is conscious of ‘being’ before clicking into identifying as the personal identity. This awakeness is the all pervading fullness of only ‘Good’ with no space left for anything else.


måndag 15 september 2008

Point of no return

We have a natural functioning of the mind as, reasoning, looking for patterns (even if there is
no-one.), putting words for everything, labeling, conceptualizing. That has an impact on us, but we are unaware of it.

When the recognizing of what is going on happens, when the attention is on it, it starting to loosening, the impact has not the same effect. The thinking is just a functioning and has no power of itself. Thinking is not life, it is part of life. Comes and goes like clouds in the evening sky.The magic key; is put attention on it.

With a talk or dialogue or conversation about the subject, a process start to function in the background, awareness is awakening to itself, what’s going on is revealed. The false canot stand a investigation. From now on there is no denial of the fact. Point of no return.


söndag 7 september 2008


He is from the netherlands and holds meetings there, interessting "pointer"...listen;

let go of your attention like an eagle in free fall and discover what lies there waiting for you all the time.To speculate about or hope for what is there waitingfor you, is called Religion. To know what is here is called Philosophy or Esoteric knowledge. To really remain here and live from here is Self-realization.”

Realise that you can’t get the truth.
Self-realization is not overlooking
anymore what IS and always has been!


fredag 5 september 2008

You are already present

Before you even recognize the fact of being conscious, you are already present as the one who recognizes that fact.

Start with the fact of your own being. Is that a concept or hypothesis? Have a good look right into that, to understand the nature of what is present. Books are of little help in this. You have to look for yourself. So start with something verifiable and tangible as a self-evident fact, your own presence.

When all concepts are abandoned, your natural being still remains vividly present and cognizing, even cognizing the coming and going of consciousness. That prior-to-consciousness presence is sometimes pointed to as non-conceptual awareness. Some traditions call it the non-fabricated, space-like awareness of the natural mind. Others call it unconditioned consciousness. Still others call it "pure" or "infinite" consciousness, meaning consciousness with no limits or conditions. The key points in all the traditions are the same: You are That, your own nature is the reality, etc. This is NEVER an attainment, but the ever-present natural condition.

Non-duality is not a future state, dependent on your mind. Non-duality is the ever-present natural state in which the mind and all else appears. You are that reality. All that appears is only a manifestation of that one primal awareness. You are not separate from that, nor are the appearances. That is ever-present non-duality, the natural state.

Quotes from John Wheeler

måndag 1 september 2008

Prajnaparamita speaking about Silence

Charge your batteries in places of stillness,rest deeply in places of stillness,be rejuvenated and inspired and encouraged to fully surrender to the ultimate place of silence, your very Self.

The whole journey is building momentum for the very last step. It is this last step that brings us home. It is this very last step that is seldom made. In this very last step, alone and in deepest silence, all knowledge, all insights, and all sense of I will be erased and peace will overwhelm you.