måndag 15 september 2008

Point of no return

We have a natural functioning of the mind as, reasoning, looking for patterns (even if there is
no-one.), putting words for everything, labeling, conceptualizing. That has an impact on us, but we are unaware of it.

When the recognizing of what is going on happens, when the attention is on it, it starting to loosening, the impact has not the same effect. The thinking is just a functioning and has no power of itself. Thinking is not life, it is part of life. Comes and goes like clouds in the evening sky.The magic key; is put attention on it.

With a talk or dialogue or conversation about the subject, a process start to function in the background, awareness is awakening to itself, what’s going on is revealed. The false canot stand a investigation. From now on there is no denial of the fact. Point of no return.


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