fredag 30 oktober 2009


Pointing from Nukunu....

When you can't get any further you stop the search and you allow the Source - Self to look for you! You allow yourself to be lived. You allow the Truth to live you. You just let go. It is a feeling that this body and mind that you used to call yours is just being lived now by that reality that is the only reality that really is. It is a feeling of a deep letting go.





onsdag 28 oktober 2009

Chasing the Buddha

In the beginning you are chasing the Buddha
You get tired and exhausted of chasing the Buddha
Then the Buddha starts chasing you
Finally you become one with the Buddha




måndag 26 oktober 2009

Quotes from ShantiMayi

Everything that you think that you know is not exactly correct, and it is not exactly wrong either.


I saw that there was no 'me' and no 'not-me' ( realization in here awakening ).




söndag 18 oktober 2009

Why questions?

The biggest question maybe is why there is questions at all, Burt has an beautiful view over this issue:

Let us get to basics first – what is a question? The word ‘question’ means a quest, seeking, searching and needing. It is life’s way to help us evolve in consciousness. And, it is consciousness itself asking the questions according to the level of our awareness growth.

The questions that are unconscious inside you are the causes of your stress and negative reactions. In fact, all unresolved questions are our suffering. Initially our questions center on our ego and that is as it should be. They often consist of ‘why’ and also ‘how.’ The word ‘why’ is the first indication that the questioner doesn’t really want the truth but an escape from it. For instance if someone asks, “why am I suffering?” are looking for sympathy and someone who canb enable their victim-mentality. A fully matured question would be more like, “What is suffering?”

The nature of a question is the recognition that we do not know. There’s an old Zen saying that affirms, “If you think you know, then it’s clear you don’t know. If you admit you don’t know then you know.” This most basic of understandings is also the most powerful. The knowledge that trumps all other knowledge is the understanding that we have no certainty. A fact that frightens us is that the ego can NEVER be certain (nor secure or safe).

The moment we start getting to know this fact and accept it, it is at that moment we start becoming unstuck. We really don’t know except words from hearsay and books. This ‘not-knowing’ allows an investigation into life that is unobstructed by our conditioning, uncluttered by our information. Just remember this fact…It is the absence of knowing That allows the discovery of the new.

Why do we get stuck? It is because nobody ever told us that there is nothing to know for the mind except information. Information cannot help you anymore than black dots on a white page can. We fit what is new into what is old by seeking answers thinking we now know. This thinking we know simply repeats the same old patterns, old thinking and old questions.

When it comes to the Truth there is nothing to know and the only way to break free is to stop trying to know something thus open yourself to what is already in you and about you and really start looking in a fresh new way.

How do we come to know beyond intellectual knowing? -- by looking deeply into our natural questioning nature. This whole journey on earth is an evolution of consciousness. This evolution of consciousness has one single drive – to know itself! And, how does it get to know itself? -- Through the process of questioning.

Our every step in our consciousness ‘climb’ is a question understood (not answered).

Burt Harding



lördag 17 oktober 2009

Burt Harding

There is only YOU!

You are all you can ever know!
There is no ‘outside’ or ‘inside’ you.
‘Inside’ or ‘outside are conditioned perceptions of physical memory.
You think, feel, see and experience according to how you see yourself!!

Burt Harding

Words from Burt Harding. If you are interested to follow more of his writings, go to....



torsdag 15 oktober 2009

Form and the seeing

Consider this:

"Unless there is seeing, there is no form. Form has no independent existence and is therefore the seeing itself. If form is itself seeing, how can one see a form? Therefore what is seen is not form but something different."

Atmananda Krishna Mennon




The inner joy without cause

"Life has no purpose. There is no goal whatsoever. purpose and meaning is significant only for a person or a mind lacking joy. Happiness or thankfullness is its own goal. In Happiness or inner joy without cause there is no seach, seeking. This simpel, simpel joy is the only need we have, the only meditation. If ... Read morethat appears in "right here, right now, then this moment is enough. If not, then there is the seeking for a has no future, it is always here...



fredag 9 oktober 2009

Huang Po

Awaken to the one Mind and there is nothing whatsoever to be attained.

Huang Po

måndag 5 oktober 2009


Miscellaneous Poem

Clouds appear free of care And carefree drift away. But the carefree mind is not to be "found" --To find it, first stop looking around.

~ Wang An-Shih ~

(A Drifting Boat: Chinese Zen Poetry, trans. J. W. Wallis)

Thanks Peter for the Poem...



Suzuki Roshi

If you want to understand it, you cannot understand it. When you give up trying to understand it, true understanding is always there.

Zen Master, Suzuki Roshi

fredag 2 oktober 2009

Awakeningexperience part 2

"Whoever finds their way to this door, finds it open."

Dr. Wolff

Not grasping nor pushing anything away. In a sense, that's analogous to remaining in the present, because in the present everything collapses, and you really can't hold onto anything. The moment you grasp onto something, or you push something away, in a sense you're not in the present, because you're attached or identified with something that's passing away. So not doing that--not grasping or pushing anything away--really brings you into the present. this receding landscape in which everything was dissolving into this ever-present eternal moment, unencumbered by any kind of willing, or grasping, or pushing away. You start to taste the eternal.

"How do you know you are? Because you are!" You can't know this through thinking about it. All the thinking mind can ever know is that it can't know, because the thinking mind is dualistic. There's a subject trying to grasp some object. So that has to come to a stop. And when it does, there's no subject and there's no object. There's just Being, and the Being is infinite space. The Being is in everything. Everything is arising from this infinite space. The space is birthing everything and dissolving everything simultaneously. And everything is just this empty infinite space. This emptiness knows everything, because it's empty--just like the eye sees every color because it has no color of its own. So this "knowing" knows everything because it's nothing.

Andrea Pucci

Andrea had an awakening experience, if we can use that word.....if you want to read the whole story, here is the link.

Anyway, someone is questioning if she is enlightened....

Q: So, do you now consider yourself to be Enlightened?

A: Enlightened?.... Why do I hesitate to use that word, Enlightened? Because to have the Realization is one thing, to live the Realization is another. To be a Buddhist is one thing, to be a Buddha is another. To know Reality is one thing, to be Reality is another. There is an embodiment process that goes on. There's a birthing, and a maturing, just like a child is born and grows. Literally, I feel I have plopped out of the womb of the Divine Mother. I am just an infant, not yet an adult--which is how I would define an Enlightened being, as someone who fully embodies the Realization.

Q: Then how would you label your experience, if anything...?

A: I like the word "Gnosis" because to me it has kind of the sense of I met God. I got to God, so to speak. I got into the depth of what's Real. But then what's that? What is God? Oh, the mystery of God! The mystery of Self! It's greater than ever! Now there's this infinite expression of God, or the Divine, or the Self. It's like Joel has said, "The journey to God has an end, but the journey in God has no end," because how could there be an end to God? Dr. Wolff talked about that, too. He talked about greater and greater depths of Space--that Consciousness is this infinitely revelatory expression of the Self, and that never ends. So what happened to me was, I woke up. I woke from the dream. And now, when I'm dreaming--which still goes on--I'm lucidly dreaming. Now, I know that I'm dreaming. And I want to share all this because I feel it's very important.

Everything that everybody has shared with me has been extremely useful. And this is happening to all of us. Our meditations are deepening, and this is going to be happening. That's why I want to share everything I can. Because it's happening to us together. But, if I say, "I'm Enlightened," there're all these connotations--"Are you saying you're Buddha? Are you saying you're omniscient?" No I'm not saying any of that. So, I'm afraid to say anything--but at the same time I can't lie. I crossed a line. I woke up. And because of that I can't be separated from the Beloved anymore. I can't.

Q: What is your advice for other seekers?

A: To just carry on and know that you're perfectly in accord with your destiny.

Spring 1998 Andrea Pucci



torsdag 1 oktober 2009


Here is a "story" about "awakening" by Joel Morwood, interesting....

....I abandoned my career, friends, and family in search of the Truth to which all the mystics seemed to point. And yet, no matter how hard I tried or how far I traveled, that Holy Grail continued to elude me. Finally, after I had given up all hope of attaining my goal, it happened. In a cheap motel room on the night of August 13, 1983, I Awoke to a Reality at once far more astonishing and, at the same time, far more simple than anything I could have ever imagined. Here is part of what I wrote shortly thereafter:

I jump up, turn on the light, and look around. Sure enough, I no longer see through a glass darkly. The veil has been lifted and the glass has cleared—no, more than cleared—it has vanished! I see the Kingdom, and now I am laughing wildly, because the great joke of it all is
that this exalted Kingdom I have been searching for in such anguish and despair is none other than the very room I have been sleeping in, with its dirty, cinder block walls, frayed curtains, and horribly grungy, blue-green rug! I could have shouted! I could have danced! I could have done anything for that matter, because it really didn’t matter. It didn’t even exist and never had. I was free.

What was it like? What was it not like? How can I tell you? I can't, but I'll be brave and try, anyway...It was not a thought. It was not a feeling. It was not an experience. I was everything. I was nothing. I was everywhere and I was nowhere -- nowhere to be found, hence, nowhere to be lost. Amazing Grace! Sacred Grace! Silly Grace! -- like those nonsensical little phrases that children make up and then laugh and laugh over while poor perplexed adults just shake their heads. And no wonder! You have to be a child to get it. And I was a child, a child sitting on a bed, bathed in rapture...

I had never expected this! What had I expected? Something exceptional, luminous, visionary -- the Platonic Forms behind all forms, or a Transcendental Light wiping out the universe, or maybe the Cosmic Voice of God calling me from eternity -- I don't know, but it wasn't this. This was much, much too obvious. It wasn't even right under my nose, it was my nose. And it was a finger uncurling miraculously in front of my eyes. It was a car horn, sharp and crisp in the night. It was the sound of my sheets rustling as I shifted position on the bed. It was the doorknob effortlessly staring me in the face -- they were all so effortless, and therein lies the true Oneness and Beauty of the world; we are all effortlessly together, brothers and sisters to the stars -- nor do I mean this metaphorically (though metaphor it is), for this was no gauzy vision full of images and archetypes. The Image had burst, and the Light was out, and the Light was everything. The Metaphorical World had come to an end, and I was AWAKE in the REAL WORLD, the world without end.

Joel Morwood

....oh, these stories.