lördag 18 juli 2009

What Can You Do?

That's a good one. Good question. Well, Francis Lucille says;

That which can be done is to investigate, to ask questions from others, from texts you are reading and most importantly from yourself, from your own experience. The most important question and the most direct one is:

"Is consciousness, this presence I know I am, a creation of the body-mind or is the body-mind a creation of consciousness?"

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söndag 12 juli 2009

Chuck Hillig

-Life is as it is because, at this single moment of now, it simply can't be any other way.

- Bottom line: A good therapist helps you to grow up and to create better dreams. A satguru, however, helps you to wake up and to stop dreaming altogether.

-Consciousness never says 'no' to anything.

-Our problems always arise when we look at 'what is' and then say 'no' to what we see. If we're only willing to say 'yes' to the more comfortable manifestations of Consciousness, then we're taking the position that we, (in all of our ego-based 'wisdom') magically know better than the universe about what 'should' be unfolding in it.

- 'Whatever you resist, persists.' In other words, any ego-based resistance to 'what is' is a lot like trying to put out a fire by using gasoline.

-'When you resist the Void, the Void seems to resist you. If you make the Void 'wrong,' then the Void starts making you 'wrong.'

-You become aligned with the Void when you completely give up your attachment to the fruits of your so-called efforts. In other words, any apparent conflict with the Void begins the moment that you start demanding a specific outcome, though in truth, things-will-be-the-way-that-things-will-be.

-It's your attachment to the results of the actions (through your belief in the do-ership of them) that fuels any apparent conflict.

-when the so-called mind is fully aligned with 'what is,' then that's what the Zen masters call 'no-mind,' and it unfolds through what the Taoists call 'non-action.' Remember, however, that the concepts of 'ego' and 'mind' both appear within the largest context (i.e. 'what is') and, since nothing is ever rejected by Consciousness, neither of them is ever considered to be a 'problem.'

-The greatest obstacle to enlightenment is your belief that you're not already enlightened.

-'It is only the realization that there never was any Gateway to Enlightenment to begin with nor was there ever any separate person (like an individual 'you') that was really present at all who could be walking through it.'

-You can only play the Song-of-God on the cosmic piano by living each moment as if you're arriving...and the very same instant. You won't have time to cling to your attachments if you're always free-falling into the love that you already are.

-do you want a safe life or do you want an authentic life? Be willing to fully and consciously 'live-the-risk-that-life-is' while remembering that, at the same time, everything changes and everything ends.

-Buddha once said, 'This very body is the Buddha. This very place is the Lotus paradise.' So if it's not right here and right now, then it's not anywhere.

Chuck Hillig

-'You are your own refuge. There is no other refuge.' To know thy Self, you have to learn to 'no' thy self.


- 'It is all only a great game of pretending.'


fredag 10 juli 2009

I am back

Ramana Maharshi has said, "The answer to life's problems is to first see who has them!"

That's a good start.
Here is a tip for some good reading....