onsdag 18 mars 2009

The "me"bubble

The "me” thought is an very convincing idea in the stream of thoughts. There is no reality in the idea of a "me". This message is one of the hardest to hear and take. It sounds weird heard the first time, it's a natural reaction. Said that, nothing disappeared, everything is still there. The news is that there is no-one doing it, and everything is functioning as usual. Everything exists by itself, spontaneously, without any cause or reason. It's unbelievable, amazing.

This message cannot be touched by the assumed "me", thoughts or the assumed thing we call mind. It's madness to even try to work it out by thought. This message is of no interest for the mind, meaningless, totally.

This is magic beyond all fantasy you ever imagined.


Everything exists without anyone, for no-one, without purpose to nowhere.

Everything was free from the beginning and will always be.

The thought "me" comes from nowhere and disappears into nowhere. This is the nature of existence and it's impossible for the thought to comprehend. The "me" thought is made of the same stuff as the dreams.


2 kommentarer:

Psiplex sa...

the mind blindly trying to figure out a solution to something that is just 'it'. The mind as a tool will never comprehend spirit- just wrong tool for the job.

Roshi sa...