fredag 27 mars 2009

John Wheeler

Seeking enlightenment, working on “my” beliefs, doing “my” inner work, pursuing awakening or liberation, etc., are only self-centered concepts. This is why the seeking, suffering, and doubts still go on, however many teachers you follow, events you attend, and so-called spiritual experiences you may have.

John Wheeler

John is one of the clearest pointers. Those who live in the Californian Bay area got some good pointers as:

John Wheeler
Francis Lucille
Peter Brown

When this self-centered concepts is seeing through, then it's also seen that there is nothing wrong with anything. Not even with so called teachers, seeking, seaching for enlightenment, doubting and suffering. This is done by the imagined "me", a belief.


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Thanks Roshi - will check ot the link you provided.
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Roshi sa...

I will look at it. I have been thinking of a having videosatsang through the net...

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