fredag 6 mars 2009

Inside the mind

Another thing that the mind is doing is that it cannot believe when someone says that what is talking about is not “It”. The mind thinks; “He is talking and using words, there Must be something In the words, otherwise why talk?” Maybe he is trying to deceive or cheat me some way, can I trust something that has no word and cannot be captured or is not even understandable? The mind says;” If there is no word for it therefore it is impossible that it exist, impossible” It seems that there is no use of arguing with the mind, there will always be a “yes, but…”, “what about….”,” What if….”. Who you really are has never been spoken, never been written or has never been in the words.

This inner talk can go on forever inside the mind. But existence is not mind; the mind works inside existence, the existence is always more than what can be inside the mind. THIS can be seen in awareness and then it is also obvious that there cannot be any language for it, it is to vast, to big, too weird, to abstract, and what is also strange is that we are not outside of it, never was. No one is.


4 kommentarer:

Psiplex sa...

The true Self, the Witness of Consciousness is untouched and unchanged by anything mind can bring forth. our inherent 'subject' nature is above all objects and concepts yet may contain them all.

One Love

Roshi sa...

It's clear as water, thank you for your beatiful comment.



camilyn sa...


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