onsdag 4 mars 2009

The thoughts

Taste the mystery of awareness right now, and see for yourself what you are.

We already, before we even had taken the great look about ourself there is the thought that it's useless, nothing to see, nothing special, it's not worth it. The thought or the mind has already desided what it is.

We are usually so lost in the content of the thought that we always miss the vast spaciousness wherethe s called thoughts appear, we never se What thought in reality Is, what it's made of, where it comes from and where it goes.


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Psiplex sa...

Had a short walk today and was pondering just this subject. 'I', am just an aware witness of consciousness, nothing more or less. the course of grace has been to literally dissolve the mind's need of possessive anything, it is a clarifying of what only is-the eternal consciousness, the beingness. All arises in consciousness and I am witness of That. All is consciousness arising in the present NOW and 'I' ain;t doin' a damned thing-all being taken care of. Goodness and Mercy follow.

One Love

Roshi sa...

yes, it's too simple....aware witness of consciousness, nothing more or less...