tisdag 3 mars 2009

What gives ecstacy

Remember one thing: Whatsoever you find on your own gives ecstacy. Even if God gives to you ready-made, you will not find any ecstasy in it.

Beware your own finding, what is your discovery, not someone elses discoveries, it's not yours. It's never got to have any value for you anyway. The beauty is in the finding, not in what you find and remember....

Whatsoever you find on your own gives ecstacy.

It's all about You. That's the beauty of it.


3 kommentarer:

Psiplex sa...

When the discovery of playing electronic music washed over me - it was like a new dimension opened up--and it did. This experience was changed from the inside out and all the world fell into order after that. It was a gift from the Mighty Mighty and it has continued to bless, instruct and light the path.

Making music, being a conduit for the uinverse to express itself in this being and observing in awake consciousness carries with it the compulsion to serve others with it. The bounty is the Universe's bounty, this being is just fortunate to carry some of it outward to release back on the tide going out.

One Love

Magdalena sa...

Beautiful!!! Thank you, Roshi.

Roshi sa...

The open secret is there always avalable....nice writing, thank you for charing your thoughts.

:-) Roshi