tisdag 24 mars 2009

Some words from Nukunu

-The dream character will never meet the dreamer. When the dream character wakes up the dream character disappears. Your enlightenment will never meet you. When you fall into that exalted state you are gone.

-Don't try to change yourself. Relax! When you relax the searching mind stops.

-Awakening is sudden, enlightenment is gradual. Awakening is a shift in perspective - it is not conceptual, it is existential.

-Be what is without wanting to change the situation - then you can wake up. When there is no struggle - then you can wake up.

-Love can stop the mind.

-Ask for the Truth whatever the cost.

-Being lived by the Source.

-Cultivation of enlightenment through unconditional honesty.

-You cannot rest, relax as long as you live in separation.

-Enlightenment is expressed differently in different people. Enlightenment is your natural state, it is so utterly simple.

-Insted of understanding, it's about innerstanding.

-Language is the biggest deceiver.

-Fear disappear when you are totally present (here and now).

-There are only experiences and no ownership of these experiences.

-Life is movement, everything is impermanent, passing.

-Being aware of the experiences creates a ground for watchfulness (mindfulness) and freedom.

-Don't move, let the emotions move. The past is some thoughts arising this moment, there is no other past.

Golden nuggets from Nukunu


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Psiplex sa...

Right on Roshi! Thank you for posting this!

One Love

Eric Putkonen sa...

Great quotes! I have never heard of Nukunu before.

Roshi sa...

Well, anyhow, here is a link to his website were there is info about him. I love really his simpel and direct approach, and he is a therapist also.