måndag 7 april 2008

Brendan Star

There's really no such thing as 'getting it' because you're already ‘IT’ that you’re trying to get. Just as you are already, you’re IT. And you are no less IT if you don’t get it. In fact you’re not getting it is IT if you’re really not getting it. And whatever you do get is IT if that’s what you get.

But if you still think that 'getting it' is better than not getting it, then you just haven’t got it yet. That getting it is somehow 'better' than not getting it is really just a story being told by people who haven’t got it yet.

There is nothing to get. Not in reality there’s not. In reality it was all just a story that there was ever anything to get or anything you haven’t already got.

So if there's anyone around here who thinks they're 'not' enlightened, then they'll have to prove it to me... AND THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE... since any 'proof' you come up with will be just another story.

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