onsdag 10 juni 2009

Peter Franciz Dzubian

Here is some quotes from Peter Franciz Dzubian, he talks about consciousness....

-How simple is it for the awareness to be aware, right now? That's it! Just there. Nothing else.

-You can never leave the "is" or "what is", if that happens it happens in thought or thinking but it never in reality can happen and the contrary that "what is" never leaves you, impossible.

-There is no material world in consciousness(?), there is only appearenses, bodily sensations.

-Where is the location of the "me"? Find it out.

-This "is" what "is" is absence of time.

-Only what "is" can be and that is not that you can think about. Thought is a process that needs time. Only the timless can be.

-Time doesn't appear in "is". Thinking creates time. Wether there is thinking and time the "is" is always untouched.

-There is zero degree of complexity to "this", to way simple to the mind. There is no way for the mind to handle it.

-This doesn't leave any room for me to be or not to be anything(?)

-Never beforeness of right "now"!(??)

-Ticket to nowhere. You have the ticket already and you are the ticket. And you are the nobody who is going nowhere.

Peter Franciz Dzubian

On this site there is a Web Cast with Richard Miller and Peter, interesting, I recommend...

If God is inside you, how far from God are you?


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