lördag 6 juni 2009

Roshiquotes 6

-The truth is right under the nose and even closer than that. But the mind got to check this out before it becomes aware of it owns limits and what the mind is ment for, its purpose in the universe.

-If you try to understand it through thought you are going to be frustrated, it is impossible.

-It is about continuously losing, never landing, forever falling, never finding, there is nothing to
holding on to.The Universe doesn't have a foundation.

-The "me" cannot give it up itself, it doesn't know how to 'do'. That's the last thing to happen. That's it.

-You cannot with thought recognize who you are.

-Thought limits everything, makes everything to an object, even the impossible. Right now, just this, what is here, rigth now, anything more is just a complication.

-A weird question but but has something to say about the topic; "Is it gone at the same time it appeared?"

-If it cannot be understood, why talk about it? It doesn't make sence. In this trying the thinking comes to a point where the "giving up" happens. Dead end.

-Turn the whole thing completely around. It is not inside thought, and yet we try. The thought happens inside awareness and is always untouched by it.


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