fredag 26 juni 2009

Works of Steven Harrison

-Love is not causal. It cannot be created, it cannot be practiced, it cannot be taught.

-Having seen the nature of our thought and ego, we may pass through this gateway into silence.

-Though the psychological self, the ego-center has gone silent, there is nothing lost. Out of this vast expansion of quiet, the energy of life expresses.

- The nature of emptiness is that it defies definition. It's the absence of, it's not the presence of. So if it's the absence of everything, it's also the absence of definition.

-'We live in the unknown as the unknown'That means that you know nothing and everything is new. Everything is created in this moment.

-There is no such thing as seeker, there is just someone who is fearful, who wants power, who wants control, who believes that through some knowledge it can find some place in the universe.

-We are not autonomous.

-If there is no time, then everything is everything.

-I think the attraction of non-duality is a sort of intellectual clarity. But that isn't it, it is a trap. Because it stops there, in that intellectual clarity which is just a clarified mind. There is this movement of energy that is so clear and has more to do with a feeling quality. You can't get to it by thinking. You come there by the total experience of life.

Steven Harrison


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