fredag 12 juni 2009

Adyashanti and more quotes

-There is zero degree of complexity to "this", to way simple to the mind. There is no way for the mind to handle it.

-'This' doesn't leave any room for me to be or not to be anything(?)

-Ticket to nowhere. You have the ticket already and you are the ticket. And you are the nobody who is going nowhere.

-The need to be free from 'to bee', even free from the need to be free. UG Krishnamurti

-You have already a direct experience of "it" beacause you are "it" in this very moment, you have never been out of "it"

-The thoughts is like the wether, they come and go, mental wether. You have nothing to do with it.


And at last a clip from the tube from one of the clearest pointers, Adyashanti himself. This words is power, I love it, here we go....

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