onsdag 1 april 2009


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Psiplex sa...


Liked the idea of the video. Here's a couple of tips:

1. Move mic closer or talk louder - audio is very hard to hear and your signal to noise ratio is poor.
Use a clip-on lavalier mic or cardioid mic for to better capture your audio-test with headphones before recording.
2. Watch out for ambient noise in the room. In your case an incessant crackling sound from something electrical interfering in the signal chain.
3. Use an over all keylight, fill light and backlight. Now your face is bright on one side and dark on the other. At least use a bounce card to fill in the other side that's dark. Even lighting is the key here.

If you are going to do a teaching as important as as this, at least make the video more watchable and listenable. Right now, your teaching and believability is lost in the production quality. You want to reach more people right?

Also, practice with a script if you have big gaps in your delivery. Don't wish to be harsh, but simply point out where your video can be improved.


Roshi sa...

Okey, thank you for the tips....well, this is a start, beginning. I don't know...we will see how it develops. This just happend....anyway, it was a hell of a job to produce this short clip.



peter sa...

That's a great broadcast, Roshi.
I really like the bit towards the end, where you talk about the "I". I think is is very useful to see the "i" as just another elment in the universe, another part of the whole. We all attach too much importance to the I, which prevents us from seeing and being a part of the bigger picture. When we attach too much importance to the I, too much significance to "me", it is like wearing a blindfold over our eyes. It prevents us from seeing the world, the bigger picture. There is nothing wrong with "I" or "me", but we need to treat it like a nice little puppy dog that we take out for a walk into the big wide world outside.

Roshi sa...

THAT was realy goood. ...Puppy dog. That little "me"-bubble, and a another good name is the "monkeymind". Realy god analogy,thanks.