lördag 25 april 2009

Enlightenment experiences...?

This is a talk from a satsang Robert Adams held:

Hello again. It's good to be with you. I talk to many people during the week, both on the telephone and in person. I speak to Zen Buddhists, Hindus, Americans, all kinds of people, and 80% tell me they're enlightened. Most of them tell me they've experienced the void. Some say they've seen lights. Some say they hear certain sounds. And they say, "What do you think?” So I remark, "Somebody has to be present to experience these things. As long as somebody is present, and somebody is present or you'll not be able to tell me about it, then there's no enlightenment. Find out who is present, and hold on to that you, because you are present to experience the void. You are present to experience the light or the sound. Who is that you? Find out. Hold on to that you. Hold on to I. I was present to experience the void. As long as I am present I cannot possibly be enlightened, because I still exist.”

Robert Adams

The question is; can anybody be there to realize that someone is enlightened?


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