tisdag 14 april 2009

Mind turns everything to an object

The mind, the "me-thought" tries to know and grasp the reality by dividing it to subject and the object. But what happens in reality is that the mind objectifies the subject in order to make it to knowledge and a description of the unknown.

The subject is made to a piece of "emptiness", the mind is turning the subject to an object. This is a mistake. The mind itself doesn't know its own dysfunctional behavior. The real subjectivity is infinite, eternal, vastness itself, the bottomless abyss without limits, borders.

Objectifying is a reflex in the mind, space is not an object and the only thing the mind can understand is objects. The reflex is nobody’s fault. Just what it is, what's going on. Not seeing this is a great source of confusion and suffering, a disaster. And it is also a great relief when it's seen. The mind is a bad Master but a splendid servant.


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