söndag 5 april 2009

It can happen to anyone, anywhere

Here is a clip from a friend of my. In the right Environment, to be unsafe, letting go and if the receptivity is there it can happen to anyone; the shift of consciousness is possible. Call it what you want but something remarkable happened to this woman. Just a little talk, some guiding words and….Bam….it popps.

The teacher is Papaji or Poopaji.

Seeing this now the Mind want to get that, to get this, whatever it is.


3 kommentarer:

peter sa...

This is a good example of someone being guided to a place of STILLNESS, when the endlessly chattering/searching/seeking/restless mind is stilled. The girl in the video experiences stillness and wholeness and becomes aware of the bigger picture.

Roshi sa...

Yes, and you see, poopaji is not doing much. The girl realises only what is there inside her.



peter sa...

Yes indeed, Roshi. All poopaji does is show the girl how to STOP.
That is all that is needed.