tisdag 21 april 2009

Shri Krishna Menon

An Advaita Sage called Shri Krishna Menon has pointed out this Quotes:

-How can thoughts wich rise and set in Me, be other than Myself?

-When there is thought, I am seeing Myself; when there is no thought, I am remaining in My own glory.

-That which shines just before and after every thought and feeling is the "I". That is objectless consciousness; that is Atma.

-The world shines because of My light: without Me, nothing is. I am the light in the perception of the world.

-Unless there is seeing, there is no form. Form has no independent existence and is therefore the seeing itself.

-If form is itself seeing, how can one see a form? Therefore what is seen is not form but something different.

-Because hearing is itself sound, no one hears a sound. This truth applies generally to all sense-objects.

-A sage knows well that consciousness is self-luminous and that it is consciousness that illumines the entireworld. He knows also that his real nature is consciousness and experience and cannot as such be known or experienced.Hence he does not desire or make any attempt to know or experience it. When the mind is directed to it, it changes into that, losing the characteristics of mind. This is called samadhi. Whether there is thought or not, to be always self-centred is called the natural state or sahaja-samadhi.

A man believes he is bound, becomes miserable, seeks liberation and for that purpose approaches a Guru and listens to his teachings. But all this time he was unknowlingly standing in pure consciousness alone which is itself the truth he was seeking. When once he becomes fully aware of this stand he is freed and thenceforward, all thoughts, feelings and objects of perception will be pointing to himself. Knowledge has nothing to know. The insentient can never know, being insentient. Therefor no-one knows anything. All beings stand established as pure consciousness.

Shri Krishna Menon

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