tisdag 13 januari 2009

True way of being

Here is some quotes from John de Ruiter. This pointing quotes is really powerful and points to the source of your self. When you are feeling or recognize the words from your inner being something starts to resonate. If you try to grasp and think intellektually about the words you are lost and miss the try to feeeel...where is the finger pointing?

"Wholeness of orientation creates a true way of true being that can profoundly see, profoundly recognize and truly know."

Have you ever remained deeply at rest within . . . allowing yourself in the simplest and loveliest way to just be gentled and stilled... enjoying the natural, benevolent manner that is already within you?

"The fulfillment of awareness, the potential of you as Reality, is a functional, multi-faceted and golden identity."

The transcendental yet immediate living way of Truth is the only living foundation of authentic existence, and is the only legitimate beginning of recognizing human awareness and its capacity as pure consciousness.

"Before there is ever a rightness of action there is, at first, a rightness of being."

Only a being-oriented self has the capacity to deal rightly with want and need in whatever form, both inward arising and outward. A true way of being gives itself within to all it encounters from its natural, benevolent way of gentledness and restedness.

If a way of being that is true is growing, then a real self is emerging and expanding.

John de Ruiter

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