lördag 24 januari 2009

The dreamanalogy

You are the dreaming itself. What you dream doesn't affect the dreamer. Whatever the content is doesn't affect awareness. If you look close, the illusion breakes down. Appearance is always disappearing simultaneously. Enlightenment is not better then unenlightenment. It happens what happens. Everything has its own time.

The whole does the affecting. The whole is always untouched of what is going on in it. It is always
going to be different then we thought it to be.

Your karma is doing itself, beacause its free.


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Visa Vägen sa...

good reminder!


Magdalena sa...

Very helpful, thanks a lot Roshi! :-)

Roshi sa...

You are Welcom :-)


Roshi sa...

To svante.

Thank you for your comment.