söndag 18 januari 2009


A spiritual Advaita teacher called Mooji talks about enlightenment....dialog;

Question:Mooji, is it really possible to become or to gain enlightenment ? Has there be anyone who has become enlightened or awake through coming to Satsang and if so, could you say who ? ( All laugh )

Mooji:In truth it is not possible to become enlightened as you put it because no one is there as such to become enlightened in the first place. The firm recognition or realisation that there isn't a 'somebody' in reality to gain enlightenment, and that there can never be an entity at any time, either now or in the future, to gain any such state, is what amounts to enlightenment.

This direct realisation occur and become revealed, confirmed and convincing truth through the process of self enquiring. 'Self-enquiry', also called atma-vichara, is one effective means of exposing the unreality of the 'I-concept', or ego, ordinarily felt to be the fact of oneself, leaving the pure immutable Self as the single an perfect reality.

This is the ultimate truth. You ask: 'Is there anyone who through attending Satsang has become awake'. This has already been addressed in my previous statement but I will further add here that there has been and continues to be the constant recognition of this fact that the ego identity is a myth, a fictitious character. That individuality as such is an expression of pure consciousness/beingness and not the fact or definition of that Beingness.

That oneself remains behind as the witness or the noticing of the phenomena arising spontaneously in consciousness. That ones true self is formless and nameless presence only which arises or shines as peace, joy and happiness felt as loving contentment. When this recognition occurs within each individual point or expression of consciousness known as a person, that state is called 'awakening' or 'enlightenment'.You ask that I point out if there is such a person present here ? In common language I will say a number of persons here have arrived at this point of clear seeing/being beyond mere intellectual or academic understanding or acceptance.

However, the mental tendencies and identification aren't instantly or completely destroyed and the ego-sense, posing as the seat of reality, though expose through enquiry as mere illusion, continues to appear; this is natural. The duty and challenge here is to repeatedly bring this I-individuality sense back into the heart/source whenever it arises and by training the attention to stay in the source, which is your true self, it gradually merges in the source and become the source itself.Finally, who could the 'I' be who will claim 'I've got it' or 'I am a realised person'.

Who or what can be the possessor of enlightenment ? Isn't it the same ego ? Do you see my point ? However, some masters have indeed declared and affirmed themselves as the one pure, qualityless reality and have spoken so from pure, direct ego-less knowledge/conviction. This is also correct in my view and is most refreshing, authoritative and natural, so that we may know it is not possible to frame or limit the pure self by any human standard or logic.


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Psiplex sa...

Thank you Roshi- always good to hear more from Mooji.

One Love

Roshi sa...

You are velcome, dear friend.


Visa Vägen sa...

Great words!


Roshi sa...

Thank you, Svante. There is more on his website:

Good pointer, I would say.

peter sa...

I think the real journey is that of becoming human, becoming an ordinary human being. As simple as that.

Roshi sa...

Yes, and this ordinariness can be a disapointment. No fireworks. Whatever people do, soner or later they land in "this". We have a paradox here; you are awareness, and inside you, you already know or are it and yet it can never been known What IT really is and what it is made of...THIS is the magic, and it is really beautiful and amazing. It's like the fragrance of art or good music, you respond to it and is affected deeply of it. The meaning and purpose is there and you are aware of it but there is NO way to explain What it is or made of. The most beautiful is in the ordinary.



peter sa...

Yes, nothing special.