lördag 3 januari 2009

Thé greatest need

We are very ungrateful to existens. It has given som much to us. And without our asking. And we are such ungrateful creatures. That we dont even bother to look around in our existens and see what it is continuously doing for us, the sun, the moon,the stars, the trees, the birds, the animals, the peopels.

You are living in a tremendously beatiful dream. But you have to be awake about it. Then only the greatifulness arises. I call thatg reatifulness true religion. All that it needs is a great gratitude to the existens. Just a simpel phenomenon a deep felt gratitude to existens, that this existens would have been missing something without you, that this vast existens needs you, no-one else.

Your place was empty before you and will be empty after you. It is irreplacable. That gives a great contentment. Mans greatest need is to be needed. The whole existens needs you, otherwise you have not been here.


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