måndag 26 januari 2009

It's all one thing

-You are the observer and you are the observed too. It all collapses down to a one thing.

-You are the dreaming. You cannot separate yourself from the dream. It's all one thing.When you are gone, the dream are gone.

-It is very inclusive, everything is in it.

-This appearing world is a very convincing scenario, it seems really real.

-Reality is inherently unexpected to itself, you never know, its always new and fresh in eternity.

-That something is old appears only in the mind, it's just an idea, not real.

-This only fact of your undeniable existence is unarguable.

-The mind function is relevant in navigation, in orientation and have a direction in the world. The mind has it proper place in our living, explain life and existence in the deepest sence it is completley useless. To use the mind on wrong subjects harms us.

-Reality is that where states of counsciousness occure. Reality is what ever it is in this actual moment.

-The invisible part of your life determens everything in your life.

-In and out of it is not relevant, beacause everything is in it, or it is nowhere. That is a spacious one thing that allows every "thing".

-There is no cause and effect in reality. Reality is acausal. Nothing ever happens in counsciousness. A dream never moves anywhere. The point is to do whatever you are doing, obviously. This acausality is impossible to understand. Understanding needs mind and thinking.
Being is acausal. In the deepest sence your pure essence is being an acausal. Thoughts and reasoning appear in being, awareness. This awareness is what you are and you are never away from it.


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