fredag 8 februari 2008

Vad du inte vet är vad jag inte vet

Unmani i sitt esse. Det är nästan så man förstår vad hon talar det är inte helt lätt:

Radcliffe: Why is it I am only aware of my life and my sensations if we are all one?

Unmani: This idea that we are all one, is simply a thought happening. It is a belief that you have perhaps heard or read. It sounds lovely but I have no idea what it means. The sensations happen in what I am (what you are) which is much less than one. It is absolutely nothing. There are only these sensations. The belief in other peoples’ sensations is a thought-sensation happening in absolutely nothing. No body owns them and nobody owns life.

R: But to say that there are no other sets of sensations would be insane. Just because I can’t know them, doesn’t mean they’re not there.

U: What is being pointed to is absolutely insane! I’m not suggesting that you now believe that other people’s sensations are not there. I am simply pointing to what is, without delving into thought. All that is, is this sensation, this image, this sound.

R: So what do you mean by ‘what I am is what you are’ if you don’t know anything about what sensations are happening for me? It sounds like we are absolutely separate.

U: What you are is absolutely nothing. This is the emptiness in which all sensation happens. You know this right now beyond all these questions and words. What you are is the nothing that knows this image of apparent separate characters. It is a paradox which can’t be understood. There is the appearance of separate characters and this happens in that which knows no concept of separation.

R: If this can’t be understood, so what can I do to recognise this?

U: What could you possibly need to do to know absolutely nothing. In not knowing anything, this is known. You don’t need to do anything. But anything can happen. All happenings happen in what you are which needs no recognition or understanding.

R: This is easy for you to say when you already recognise this. I don’t know this yet.

U: There is an assumption that there is a separate character sitting over here that recognises something. Actually all there is, is an image. You don’t know anything more than that. I don’t know anything more than you. What you don’t know is what I don’t know!


Jaha, vad är det vi vet?

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