onsdag 6 februari 2008


En ung kvinna från London kallar sig Unmani använder sig av ett klart och tydligt språk som träffar rätt:

Seeking is such a dramatic game that Life plays with itself. Seeking to fill that empty hole in 'my life' which seems so painful. Seeking for some kind of permanent security or satisfaction. Hoping that 'one day I will find what I'm looking for'.

Whatever is, right now, never seems to be enough.

This is the end of hope. The end of seeking. The end of the assumption that there is a 'someone' who can find something. This is the end of pretending to look for that which has never been anywhere but right here. Nothing to look for, nothing to find. The end of pretending to know or trying to know. This is absolute not-knowing. Forever falling in absolute insecurity.

There is no separation. There is not part of it that is, and part of it that isn’t. There has never been a separate someone to be arrogant or not. I can say ‘I am’ or ‘I know’ and it is not arrogant, it is the way it is. I am the appearance of the separate character, and that which knows the character. There is no separation.

With this, there was a final relaxation. It was seen that actually, there is only arrogance at the same time as absolute humility. But the belief in a someone who owns this, had fallen away. With this, fell away all confusion and trying to become. There was no actual event to mark a specific moment, but a melting away of belief and assumptions. When described in words, it can sound like something special happened but this is the way of words and thoughts. They dramatise. Actually nothing ever happened. I am all that is, and has ever been.

This is what some people call Enlightenment or Liberation. But I cannot say that “I am Liberated” because it has nothing to do with ‘me’. In fact, there is no longer any idea of a separate ‘me’ who could do anything, especially not achieve any state of ‘Liberation’. ‘Liberation’ is simply a word which points to the recognition of nothing but Liberation. There is nothing to achieve and no one to achieve it. I don’t know anything. But out of not knowing, is complete knowing. I am completely lost, and out of that there is a delight in whatever happens. I am forever falling and never land. This is absolute freedom. There is only ‘Liberation’. I wouldn’t choose such a fancy word, though. It is much too simple for that. It is simply Life. I am simply Life.

I am Life itself. Life is. There is no one living it. It is not ‘my life’. There is no ‘me’ that lives. But I am Life. This ‘I’ is not a personalised ‘me’. It is not an assumed separate person. This ‘I’ is all that is. It is Life itself.

That I am Life itself, is known. This knowing goes beyond knowledge and intellect. This knowing is a knowing beyond experience, beyond thought or emotion. Knowing in not knowing. I don’t know how I know, except that, I am. As this knowing of what I am, the character goes on playing the game of being a character in a play. The play is no longer taken seriously, but still everything can and does happen. It is simply known that whatever happens does not happen ‘to me’. It simply happens.

These words are not pointing to anything new. In fact what is being expressed here is timeless. It has always been known. It is known. It is most familiar and ordinary. It is what I am.

This is what I am. I am what you are. Life itself.

This is the expression of Life, directly as it is.


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