torsdag 2 oktober 2008


Over time, one comes to realize the Essential Nature of life by simply watching through silent observation. The Essential Nature of existence is often referred to as “emptiness”—empty like silence. This essence is called “empty” because it has no actual content, no substance, no concepts, and no fixed abode. Emptiness is even empty of the idea of emptiness.

Yet the emptiness we come to realize is the essence of life. It permeates and defines the forms of consciousness. This emptiness effortlessly pours forth infinite and unbounded possibilities, which we call existence. Although emptiness defines and fills all forms, our Essential Nature is free of limitation and definition. It is everywhere and nowhere at once. It is our undividable essence.

Freedom is understanding that this boundless perfection is indeed the Truth within all that ever has been, or ever can be. You can only experience real freedom through realization of this simple, obvious, silent, and ever-pervasive Truth. Our Essential Nature has only one identity, which is everything and nothing at once. Observe the passing, ephemeral, impermanence of time and all it appears to contain. Through this observation Truth is revealed in the heart... within oneself.


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Psiplex sa...

Beautifully stated and discerned. Please keep posting and sharing - it means so much to have your articles available. The oneness connects all together effortlessly at this most perfect time which is now.

Rock on Roshi!

one Love