torsdag 2 oktober 2008

Catch the ball!!

Nice analogy about what a so called enlightend teacher will offer you:

An enlightened teacher is somebody who throws you a "ball" - the ball of awakening. Are you ready to catch it?

Most people are not interested. They don't want the ball at all - not even if they could have it for free.

A very small percentage ARE interested. The majority of those are just curious. A tiny percentage is burning for the ball and play with it, but they don't believe that they are ready to catch it. And the really odd ones are ready to risk everything for it.

If you really want to catch the ball, you just catch it right away. No need for meditation and spiritual discipline. However, maybe you believe that you are ready to catch the ball, but for some reason miss every time it comes your way - and even if you get hold of it, it keeps on slipping out of your hands?


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Psiplex sa...

Really weird one is ready to catch it NOW, made of same substrate as this. I am That.

You rock Roshi!

One Love