söndag 26 oktober 2008


I was going throu some notes and found this golden nuggets, and I don't remember who wrote them, but here they are....

Awakening is absolute intimacy with life. When this intimacy is total, you realize that life is absolute impersonal. That is the biggest joy there is.

In the moment of awakening consciousness recognizes it self in all things.

The awake state is always present behind the illusion. It is not "attained", it is what is always there and comes forth when the illusion is busted.

When awakening happens, truth is realized to be much, much simpler and more obvious than you ever imagined it to be.



Well aren't we that anyway....what's the difference if ther is a name? Just a sound......?


2 kommentarer:

Jennifer George sa...

I really like that first one, about life being impersonal.

Roshi sa...

That resonates to me to. Impersonal. It's alive, intimate, but impersonal.