lördag 8 maj 2010

Bernie Prior

Bernie says something nice about when a 'knowing' appears of something that is impossible to explain or touching nothingness;

When we begin to touch this nothing and we have a knowing about it, for a while we feel contained in something but we do not know what it is. If you have ever watched somebody die, they are in the same place – almost. When someone dies they become less interested in the sensible forms and more interested in something that they cannot explain.

Their attention gets drawn into this place inside them rather than drawn outside - that is exactly the mystical way. The mystical way is when an individual begins to awaken to the pull inside that has nothing to do with the forms as they presently are, but has everything to do with what is animating and changing them constantly from a place of the true will. So when this begins to happen - we begin to touch this unknown place because we’re giving ourselves and you begin to awaken to knowing - it is a question of whether you continue to be nurtured by the knowing and your response to the knowing; then the knowing starts to move as an action in life.

As it moves in an action in life the knowing is being integrated into the life of a human being; you have living knowingness. Now you have a living Being beginning to take place. You as a Being, appearing human, have access to that place. There is an expansion inside and outside; you are no longer contained, you are beginning to be uncontainable. The containment that you may feel is the holding on to a personal life that is being threatened by this uncontainable place you are opening up to.

Bernie Prior