lördag 29 maj 2010


-The thought of knowing it keeps you from being it.

-Arrogans is to claim that you know what anything is.

So, is it to not to try to 'Know' it ?....can we avoid arrogans?

Maybe it is not either....

Now where do we stand?

Do we have a choise?



4 kommentarer:

Björn Clausen sa...

Do you think we have a choice, or don't you know? :)

Roshi sa...

Appearently chosing seems to happen. In the story of 'me' choice is relevant and has its place, but in absolut reality the dream is not going anywhere. Choice is appearing from a impersonal place, and it looks as if there is a person taking credit for it. Leela.

By the way, thank you for the mp3 files of Adyashanti, send me moore if you have any.



Björn Clausen sa...

How many hours of Adya do you want? 100h, 200h or more:)

Peter sa...

"The thought of knowing it keeps you from being it". Nice one, Roshi.