torsdag 22 april 2010

Dr. Shankar

Shankar talks about the ultimate understanding;

The moment you understand or the understanding happens to man, that he neither talks nor speaks nor does - and all three happen to him as an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound - he will be relaxed in life, he will be alive in life, he will not have to worry about what will happen in life, because life happens to him whether he likes it or not. He simply enjoys the life as a witnesser - witnesser means “he who witnesses life happening”, “he who witnesses and understands that life makes life happen and it is not man who makes life happen, least of all through his mind.

Whatever man believes happens in life, he beliefs it, it is just a belief to him, but not an understanding. If he understands life, he will realize, nothing happens in life. Life is just a movement of color, light and sound, forms and shapes. An action is an optical illusion, and an auditory illusion in the mind. But man is convinced of an action as a reality. Man needs to understand, that in life neither is time existent nor is anything physically real. There is not anything such as substance in life. Everything, which is known, is not of any substance or reality in life. It is just existent as a thought in his mind. Such is the intelligence of life.

Dr. Shankar



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Anonym sa...

Hello, thanks for your blog, very interesting, but as a conclusion where does this all lead to? Do i try to stay beside everything that happens without taking action? Do not cling to life?

Roshi sa...

It is not about denying anything. It can sound very lifenegative. As you see it is not possible to even stay beside. We are seemingly forced to take action somehowe. What do you self think, has life any direction? Do life leading to any special point? Thinking Mind cannot handle the possibility that there maybe is no goal to life itself(?). IF there in reality is no goal, the mind seemingly creats one. What Shankara does is that he challenges everything, and that is quite provocative, thank you for your comment.