lördag 21 november 2009

Consciousness is all we ever experience

Rupert Spira is saying that; "Consciousness is all we ever experience", and then he goes....

...Use your own line of reasoning to ascertain the truth about yourself. That it seems reasonable to say that whatever is always a part of your experience is a part of your self. Simply apply that criteria to your actual experience.

Ask yourself what is always present in your experience and know that whatever you find is your self. Knowing is always present because 'something' is known in every experience. Even if what is known is an illusion, the illusion is known. Being is present in every experience, simply by virtue of the fact that experience IS.

Therefore you know for certain that you are Knowing and Being or Knowing Presence. These two elements (apparently two) are obvious in all experience. This Knowing Presence is in fact not two things.

When the dualising mind rises up and seems to separate this oneness of Knowing being into two apparent things (an entity residing in the body and an outside, separate world of objects and others) this Knowing of our own Being seems to be lost.

This Knowing of our own Being is simply the familiar experience of peace or love. In other words peace or love is also inherent in our self but seems to be veiled by the apparent separation of experience into two things. So Knowing, Being and Loving are inherent in what we are - that is our simple moment by moment experience. Just live this understanding in your everyday life in relation to people, animals, objects, situations and events, and everything will fall into place.

Rupert Spira

I love his pointing.



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