måndag 15 december 2008


In awareness you can ever be what you already are, just now, just here. There is nothing wrong with practice and all kind of exercises, but. It's too simple to practice. The practice would bee; bee here, right now. Now, how can you "do" that?

The miracle is constantly, effortlessly taking place in your awareness. When the "me" claims this to be some ones, the miracle vanish in to thin air and the wonder is gone. And, again when the claimer for no reason is forgotten, the magic and the wonder arises. If you stop feeding and fueling the "me", the wonder and the divine is there by itself.

Mind turns everything to a thing. Because its nature is to try to understand, control, grasp and own. When it can't its lost., when there is a talk about the "Now" or "this", immediately there seems to be someone who has this so called knowledge about it. This sense of the "me" ore "mind" is what it's all about. This someone got to be questioned, investigated. This turning everything to a thing is a habit. When this is seeing through.......when this turning is seeing through.....I don't know.....something is shining through.

If there is something to do, a goal, to become, then the mind can function properly. Otherwise it goes nuts. The doing is minds job. The rest is beyond its reach.

The words No mind, nonevent, effortlessness, inner silence points to what we are looking for, and is never attained by the "me" or the "mind" or the appearance of a person. And still it happens; somewhere in the awareness there is the registration what's going on.


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peter sa...

I agree. As Lao Tzu said:“In pursuit of knowledge, every day something is acquired; in pursuit of wisdom, every day something is dropped.”

Roshi sa...

Hei Peter!
Thanks for you comment. In the end of the day, is the dropping that matters.

Cheers Roshi