fredag 19 december 2008

Enlightenment got to be to your satisfaction.

This clip on the Tube is about David Spero. He talks about that "Enlightenment got to be to your satisfaction." Interesting subject, and I give a comment on that.

David Spero

So here is the question; how do you know when you are enlightened? If the only person that ever can know that is you yourself, or put it more rightly; it is the awareness self that can know anything about it. There is never coming a point when someone is coming and declaring you to be enlightened or an enlightened being. So this is it.

You are never going to know when you are enlightened, if there is such a “thing”. Interesting, isn’t it? Okay then, see it from another point of view. If you know that you never can know for shore that you can be enlightened, how can you know that you are unenlightened?

It seems that we have a problem here.

So how can we know?

Any claiming about being enlightened is a proof that you isn’t. But, on the other hand it could be an enlightened one who is joking, playing with the notion.

How can you know?


If you know that you never can know then the whole idea of enlightenment collapses. It’s ridiculous. Mind game. Play with duality.

IF that happens that a person comes and declares you to be enlightened, what happens to you? How do you think the “me” is reacting to that? Think about it.

Scary, isn’t it?

And any experience, any state that could be defined as a criteria for enlightenment would be to kill the aliveness of existence, it would be a plastic flower. This is not the denying of fantastic mind blowing experiences, ecstatic moments, blissful happenings, and liberation of the “me” experience. This is all fine but, the good question is if there ever will be that everlasting goal when the existence is perfect, and it will never change anymore?

Aliveness is about uncertainty, never knowing what the next moment is bringing about. Every moment is openness into the unknown. This aliveness is a mystery and that mystery is alive. Nothing is beforehand given. Every single moment is open for anything and everything.

And still the talk of enlightenment happens, and what it really is, is up to you. That’s the freedom of it.


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