söndag 21 december 2008

Eli Jaxon-Bear

Here is some some interesting talks about the master and the disciple by Eli Jaxon-Bear, funny about the parrot who teaches. And as he says the more important than a authentic teacher is a true seeker.....Eli says;

My teacher said any parrot could be taught to say the words of freedom. And just hearing the words can create an enormous shock. But the parrot can only repeat the words and cannot work with the mind of the seeker. The parrot does not emanate the silent transmission of authentic being. And yet, if a true, sincere seeker sits with the parrot and projects the truth of consciousness onto the parrot, the parrot can work as a function of enlightenment. A true seeker is the most important ingredient. Then even a parrot will be useful.
My advice is to find out for yourself. No other is needed between you and your self. You have the full capacity to realize what is true for yourself. Nothing needs believing. And believing can’t touch the bliss of touching nothing.

My teacher also once said that a true student has no head and a true teacher has no teaching. In the mysterious meeting of no head and no teaching there is a transmission of silence in the most intimate way. Completely personal and truly non-personal conscious love sees itself and confirms itself.

The bliss of that meeting is unspeakable and the source of all great art, poetry, and sutras.
People project all different levels onto the so-called teacher. For some the teacher is a father projection, for others the teacher is a love object or an object of fear. For some there is attraction and for others a repulsion. Some come very close and some stay very far. Each is appropriate in its place and each can be a strategy for escape. One of the great gifts of the teacher is that the teacher does not believe your lies. The true teacher sees through you and your projections. The true teacher knows there is no difference really between master and disciple.

Eli Jaxon-Bear

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