fredag 8 augusti 2008

Scott Kiloby

On the net I found a guy who have some to say about what's all about, some quotes...Scott..

Do you want to know the truth? Look at what is in this moment. That is why the truth is simple. It is this timeless awareness within you right now that is looking through your eyes. This awareness is beyond ideas. Therefore, the truth is beyond ideas. Ideas are only ever arising within that awareness. “You” are merely one of those ideas.

When awakening happens, truth is realized to be much, much simpler and more obvious than you ever imagined it to be.

The fullness is only realized when nothingness is seen to be our true nature. Only a true transformation beyond concepts can grasp the seemingly paradoxical nature of what was just said

There is nothing to know. Nothing to seek. Nothing to find. There is only the watching of this dance of life. No watcher. The mind is clear, empty space. The heart is connected to all that it sees. The within is the without.

Your entire search for enlightenment is happening in enlightenment. Your entire search for presence is happening in presence. Your search for beingness is happening in beingness. The search for life is being conducted by life itself. You are that which you are seeking. When this is realized, it is seen that no word, idea, philosophy, conceptual understanding, belief system, or pointer could ever get you any closer to ‘This,’ which is what you already are right now.

‘This’ is so simple, so obvious, and so immediately close that it is missed as soon as you go looking for it or as soon as you start trying to find it in thought.

Everything is spontaneously arising in this moment out of nowhere.

When the mind stops referencing a "self" in past and future, awakening happens. It is realized that Oneness, God, or whatever you like to call the inexpressible, is living life through your body and mind. You are not in control. Only thought creates the story that you are the doer of action. That story references past and future in some attempt to take credit for actions that the story has no control in bringing about. In that moment there is ignorance. There is a non-seeing that thoughts of past and future are also spontaneously arising now out of nowhere. The whole story of "me" arises spontaneously out of the unknown in this moment. There is not even a 'you' telling the story. 'You' are an idea within that story.

In some mysterious way, the noticing is a portal to enlightenment. Although it is true that there is nothing 'you' can do to find enlightenment because there is no doer, there can be a noticing of what is already being done. A story of self is already being told. This story of self is made up of thoughts of past, thoughts of future, and thoughts that resist this moment. In this story, thoughts of past shape who you believe you are and thoughts of future shape who you believe you are going to become. Thoughts that resist this moment include blaming, complaining, comparing, and judging. It is falsely believed that you took action in the past and will take action in the future. This is the thought-based illusory "me." This is the entity that thinks it is in control. It has also been called the personal will. That entity believes it can realize enlightenment. But, in fact, enlightenment is realized only when that entity is seen to be a dream arising out of nothingness. It is realized when control itself is seen to be illusory.

In the total relaxation into this timeless, experiential seeing in which it is realized that you are not doing the thinking, feeling, or bringing about the noticing that happens through awareness, spiritual liberation happens. The whole false idea that you are the doer of any action lets go and life just lives itself. There is not even a 'person' there watching that. No silent witness. There is not even attachment to the idea of "no self." There is only being, living. 'This' is a celebration of life in all its forms. 'This' is a denial of nothing. It is the welcoming of everything. This is a completely natural way of being, totally untouched by the belief that you either are or are not the doer of action.

‘This’ cannot be understood through thought, and yet ‘This’ is the ultimate truth.

‘This’ is not the word ‘This.’ The word ‘This’ is just a map. You would not explore Germany only by looking at a map. To experience the reality of this thing called “Germany” you would have to walk its hills, visit its towns, lie in its grass, and speak to its people. You would have to experience the reality of it for yourself. The map would never show it to you. Neither the word ‘This’ nor any other word, including beingness, awareness, oneness, God, presence, or enlightenment will ever show you ‘This.’ The words are only maps. You must directly experience life with your awareness, your body, your mind, and your senses to know ‘This.’ This moment is showing you ‘This’ always. There is simply a dream of you obscuring the realization of it. When the dream of "you" gets lost in the map, 'This' cannot be realized. But when the dream of "you" stops believing that you are separate from this other thing called "life" and that you need something from "life," 'This' is realized.

In truth, no one ever realizes 'This.' It is realized. Yes, that is true. But as long as there is a "you" looking for it in the future, it will not be realized. As long as there is a "you" trying to separate yourself from others who you believe get 'This' or don't get 'This,' it will not be realized. 'This' is only realized in your absence. In realizing there is no you as a separate person, and in wanting nothing in return from 'This,' 'This' is given.

Language creates only the illusion of knowing.


Think of your favorite description of the truth. Maybe for you it's God, enlightenment, awareness, oneness, or truth. Use it to help you notice what is. But jump completely off the point. Any of it can become a point of fixation. To have no point of reference is to be free, even from wanting or not wanting to have a point of reference. That is the freefall. But I'm just playing.

Scott Kiloby

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