onsdag 6 augusti 2008

Nothing ever happens to consciusness

Thoughts appear in consciousness, consciousness doesn’t appear in a thought. Nothing happens in a thought, a thought appears, in consciousness. A thought is whatever it is. A thought is like a wave and consciousness is like the water. You don’t have a thought without consciousness, you can have a consciousness without a thought. Nothing ever happens to consciousness, anything happens in consciousness. And it is consciousness that makes it happen.

But that which happens seems to happen, in fact nothing happens. Because there is nothing, not a thing, that can happen. Consciousness is the only thing. The things in consciousness is only appearing in consciousness. They are not the reality, consciousness is the reality of the things…..nothing happens………there is only one reality, there is nothing outside reality, there is nothing separate from it. To experience the reality of all things we have only go to our own experience, cause that is all we have. In the reality of our experience is all things, it’s that simple….

Quote of Francis Lucille

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