tisdag 12 augusti 2008

More Scott

'This' expresses itself in every perspective and every experience. It expresses itself in whatever way it is expressing itself right now.

Don't deny any aspect of your experience.

Liberation is open to what is.

This truth to which the words enlightenment and non-duality are pointing will steal every conclusion you have, every illusion you want to hold onto. Suffering happens when the “you” gets stuck on the belief that something that is happening should not be happening or the belief that something that is not happening should be happening. Liberation is life simply living itself spontaneously now without the “me” trying to make it happen or keep it from happening. So take the pointer “life living itself” and let it show you that you are liberation. Then drop it. It ain't the truth. The truth cannot be expressed. Or, rather, it is expressing itself in every way in each moment.

Liberation is realizing that life is living itself and manifesting as a wonderful array of shapes, colors, ideas, people, buildings, coffee cups, flowers, clouds, planets, bubble wrap, staplers, spiritual practices and Jesus portraits. 'This,' however, is the waking up from attachment to all ideas about 'This.'

‘This’ is the realization that you are not the doer of any action. You (the story) are not ‘doing’ the thinking. You are not ‘doing’ the feeling. You are not ‘doing’ the engaging in spiritual methods. You are not ‘doing’ the noticing of thoughts. Thinking, feeling, engaging in practices, and noticing are arising now. These are manifestations of One Source. 'This' is arising in a multitude of manifestations including thinking, not thinking, feeling, not feeling, noticing, not noticing, practicing, not practicing, searching, not searching, doing, and not doing. Those things are just arising. You are much like an opening in which things are happening or not happening.

Scott Kiloby

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Jennifer George sa...

Thank you for introducing me to Scott Kiloby's work. I'm thinking of getting a "this" tattoo to remind me. :)